Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software Review : Get Pricing

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Not all the mobile phone tools can be used for monitoring mobile phones of different platforms. Phoggi is one of those cell phone tools which have the capability of working with various mobile phone operating systems. Though the price of this software is little high compare to the prices of other similar types of tools, but that is not higher than the qualities of the features of it. So this software can be very good choice for you.


Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software

As it is the cell phone monitoring software, one of the main features of this product is to monitor the call histories of that phone. So you can use this monitoring software to the phones of your children as well as employees to know they communicate with whom. There are so many cell phone spy tools which have the capability to collect the information about the sent messages.

But the Phoggi will let you read the sent and received messages very easily also. Not only the phone calls and messages but also the contact info can also be monitored by this impressive cell phone monitoring software. So you will be able to know the contact details, like the names, numbers, and addresses, stored in the targeted mobile phones. To track the geo location, this software is very efficient. That means, it will help you to know the location of the targeted phone and also provide you the necessary map.

Different Features of This Software

Browser histories should be monitored regularly because these days people can do so many things to the internet. Phoggi will let you monitor the browser histories of the handsets of your employees or children. Normally, most of the people make bookmarks of those websites which they visit regularly.

So if you can find out the bookmarks from the phones, you will be able to know where they love to visit. Phoggi will inform you about the bookmarks very effectively. This innovative spy software will let you access the data stored in the mobile phones very easily and remotely. You can use this software to find out the appointments marked on the cell phone calendar and to get the photos captured with the cell phone camera.

Compatibility and Price Plans

Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software has the capability to work with various types of cell phone operating systems like the iOS, Android and Blackberry. It can work with the Android 2.1 or the above versions of the Android OS. If you want to use this in your Blackberry handset then you must use v5. 0 or above version of the Blackberry. This software can work with iOS 4.0 as well as 5.0. No matter for what type of mobile phone you buy the Phoggi Cell Phone Monitoring Software, you have to buy that by $64.99 for one year (price is specified as of 28 August 2014).