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PDFArea Discount

Products and Review of PDFArea

In general, all the computer users are friendly with the PDF files. Perhaps, this is the most popular format for the document sharing. It is not very easy to customize these files easily. That is why the users feel happy with the security of the contents. But now various companies are offering some amazing tools for customizing these. One of those companies is the PDFArea. The products of these brands are very impressive and useful for everybody. In this short review, I have mentioned main features of some of the available product. If you liked the review of this product, then have PDFArea from our site with the discount coupon. There is no need of any additional discount code here to get the coupon. Let’s take a look at those:

Powerful Document Converter

It can be said that the Document Converter is one of the best products of the PDFArea. This product will let you convert different types of documents into a suitable format. So you can change the format of the TXT, DoC and RTF files into PDF, HTML and even Unicode Texts. There is some similar software which must require the Adobe Reader for the conversion. But the Document Converter of PDFArea does not need any third party app at all. And does not need any kind of printer driver also. Drag and drop functionality has made this product more user friendly. It can work with batch of documents at the same time.

PDF Protection Remover

Another great product of this company is the PDF Protection Remover. There are some fully protected pdf files which cannot be copied normally. And even those cannot be customized and printed without removing the encryption. And the fact is you cannot remove that without help of a powerful decryption tool. In this case, PDF Protection Remover of PDFArea can be a nice choice. This software has the ability to eliminate all types of protections from any kinds of PDF files. This standalone software will never need Adobe Reader or other tools for its operations. The batch processing engine of this product is very fast and efficient.

Useful PDF Encrypt

This software can be considered as the opposite one of the PDF Protection Remover. This PDFArea product will help you to make the PDF files strongly encrypted. It can work with all the 128-bit and 264-bit encryptions. Strong password will be chosen for making the files protected. Without knowing the passwords, no one will be able to open the files.

Pricing of These Products

According to 2 February 2016, all the products of this company are available for discounted price. The Document Converter of PDFArea can be enjoyed by paying 39.95 only. This is the pricing without the discount. To purchase PDF Password Remover, you have to pay 24.95 USD. And the PDF Encrypt is also available for the same price. Other products of this brand are, PDF to Image Converter, PDF Freeze Pro, and TIF to PDF Converter. All these are also offered for very impressive pricing. PDFArea offers money back guarantees for these tools for 100 days. So you can purchase these without any hesitation in mind.

So, avail the PDFArea discount in order to enjoy the features of this product at a cheaper rate. We hope you enjoy the coupon.