Patient Manager Discount and Coupon from Vertikal Systems

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Get 15% cashback on purchasing any license of Patient Manger tool. This is providing as Patient Manager discount. See the following image please for details about the cashback.

patient manager discount

Review of the Patient Manager and Discount

There are so many impressive software which can make our professional life easier. If you have a medical center, clinic, or hospital, you will need to deal with plenty of patients. Dealing with them every day manually is not an easy task to do. But nowadays, you can solve this big problem with small software. VirtikalSystems offers the Patient Manager, which is the software for managing the patients in a medical center. There are three different editions of this product. With the Patient Manager coupon (also you may call as discount) the price should be ideally minimized as well. Those are as follows:

Solo Medic Software

If you want to get the Patient Manager for small or solo medical center, then the Express edition is for you. This product has the ability to keep the records of each of the patients. The appointments of each of the patients can be entered in this product very easily. And then this product will help you to make the schedule and waiting list for them. For any kind of medical centers, billing management is very much important. Patient Manager Express will help you to maintain the billing very easily. That means, depending on the treatments offered, this product can easily make the bills. Another important thing is to maintain the security of the patient information. This task can also be done by this product without problems.

Clinic Management Software

Patient Manager Advanced Edition is for using in the clinics. This edition actually offers all the features of the Express Edition with some additional facilities. With each of the medical reports, this software will let you integrate the treatments plans. For creating the treatment plans, it will offer you various templates. Sometimes, custom forms can be necessary for managing the patients. It offers very impressive forms template editor. One of the biggest advantages of this solution is it supports the biometrics. That means, you can add the fingerprints and other biometric checking facility of the patients into the reports.

Hospital Manager Solution

Another very impressive edition of Patient Manager is the Hospital Manager Solution. This product can maintain the imaging reports like MRI, X-Ray, and ECG reports of the customers. Similarly, pharmacy maintaining facility of this product is quiet impressive too. Sometimes, the customers will need the laboratory reports. Those can also be maintained by this powerful product. And it offers all the features of the Advanced Edition.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Each of the three editions of the Vertikal Systems Patient Manager is available for very impressive pricing. For the Hospital Edition of this product, you have to pay only $499 for each PC without the discount. Similarly, for the Advanced Edition, the price is only $399 as per 14 October 2016. Both of these editions are capable of dealing with unlimited number of users and unlimited records volume. Price of the Express edition is only 299 USD per PC. This software can be handled by only one user. All these prices are the one-time fees for respective editions. So the Patient Manager can be considered as completely cost effective.

The Patient Manager discount is providing on any license including express, standard, advanced and hospital license. In the absence of coupon, this is providing as cashback.