PassbeeMedia Mobile Wallet Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Nowadays, traditional ways are not working that much for making the business more successful. As the new technologies are coming, you can connect with your customers in new ways. PassbeeMedia has opened the door for more effective communication with the customers.

A Short Review of PassbeeMedia

This company offers very impressive mobile wallet management system and the iBeacon. These will help you to connect with the targeted customers to promote the products of yours. The main features of the services are:


Utilize Passbook App

Many people think that the Passbook, has been just a mobile wallet, which can store the coupons, tickets and boarding passes. But this one is actually capable of doing so many other tasks. PassbeeMedia will help you to use this to make communication with the customers. And then your customer will have a completely new experience of shopping.

You will get the power to make your passes very attractive and send those to the customers very easily. For making the passes attractive, you can customize the texts as well as images and boxes. The provided templates can also be a great choice for those. Just like Apple, PassbeeMedia also help you to get the features of Passbook in the Androids. In this case, you have to use the Google Wallet.

Just like the other tool, you can also create the beautiful passes from here. It offers a very impressive revenue calculator and other statistical tool. The main advantage of Google Wallet is, as it is for the Android platform, it will let you connect with more customers.

The Innovative iBeacon

One of the innovative creations of the PassbeeMedia is the iBeacon. Actually, we all have the Bluetooth on our mobile phones. With the help of this technology, we can connect our devices with the others and share the necessary files. On the other hand, with the help of GPS technology, the position of any device can be tracked. iBeacon has come with a very innovative facility which will allow you to use Bluetooth for the position tracking.

And you can use this for the betterment of your business. It will help you to connect with all the customers who are around 150m from you. And then you can send the necessary advertisements to them. That means, it allows you to use the micro-location targeting to make your business more effective. With this product, PassbeeMedia helps you to connect to the exact customers for promoting your products.

Affordable Pricing Plans

PassbeeMedia has come with one free plan and three different paid plans. Basic License is actually the free plan which has only 25 dynamic passes. Plus Plan can be used by paying only $149 per month. It includes 1 thousand dynamic passes and very impressive digital wallet management. If you want to get this for 2.5 thousand passes, then the Pro Plan is for you. It can be enjoyed by 269 USD per month.

By paying $449/month, you can use the Max Plan of PassbeeMedia. This one can deal with 6 thousand dynamic passes. All of these three plans can be integrated with iBeacon. For the iBeacon, the pricing has started from only 49 USD. With each of the packages, you will get two iBeacon hardware.