Optimum Theme Templates Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Are you looking for a great source for the Joomla templates? If you are then you can choose the products of the Optimum Theme. Various templates of this company can be used for creating various types of websites. With various types of templates, this company also offers some attractive membership plans. So if you want to purchase all the products of this company then you can choose suitable plan by considering the features of the plans.


Highlights of the Products of Optimum Theme

Yatay is the Joomla template which is full of advanced features. It supports the newest version of the Joomla sites and the older versions also. Yatay includes the slideshow facility with which you will be able to add your selected images very easily in the slideshow on the Joomla site. Similarly, you will be able to set the background image of your website very easily with the help of the built in tool of this template.

This template offers completely responsive design so that it will make your website very much flexible. One of the best products of this company is the Dynamik Theme which offers the animated module. After installing this template to your Joomla site, you will be able to customize the colors and background images very easily. It supports the integration of Google map.

Some Joomla Templates Offered by Optimum Theme

To create online portals or magazine, you can use the Pare Theme of this company. This template offers various types of layouts with which you will be able to change the look of your website whenever you want. You don’t have to use any of the 6 different color schemes of this template all the time because it will let you create your own color scheme.

The Mimar Theme is another very attractive Joomla template provided by the Optimum Theme Company. This template offers more color layouts and that is why you will be able to make your website more colorful. This template is very much easy to use. Even the persons who have no coding experience will be able to use this template to create websites very quickly.

Various Plans of This Company

All the three available plans offered by this company are very attractive. The Basic Plan offers the 4 months membership, whereas, the other two plans, that is the Standard and Developer plans, offer one year membership to the users. Each of the plans offers unlimited templates of the Optimum Theme Company.

If you want to use the templates of this company to the pages of three different Joomla sites only then you can choose the Basic plan. The Standard Plan, which is the most popular plan of this company, offers the license for 5 sites. The members of the Developer plan will be able to use the products of this company to unlimited number of Joomla sites.