OnSpot Social Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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OnSpot Social is considered as an iPad app. This is used for on-location marketing and data collection activity. This iPad based marketing tool allows any business solution to convert the available traffic into the emails and social media.

OnSpot Social Review

The marketers can apply OnSpot Social app almost at any place. With this, there is the opportunity to enhance the data collection process as well as the marketing campaigns. With this tool, you can simply collect the needed requirements for your business needs. Here, you can gather email addresses, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, contact information, customer reviews, and Survey data and so on.

Summary of This App

This app is developed almost for all the retails stores, athletic clubs, restaurants, healthcare centers, events and other business firms. By depending on business criteria, you can configure the demand for this app. OnSpot Social allows some simple steps to run its activities. At the initial level, you just need to complete the sign-up process. Then, you need to configure this app for your corresponding business solution. Here, you can apply pre-designed templates to set up the basic criteria in a quick way. Besides, there exist some professional terms to enhance your specific brand. After that, data collection feature appears. Here, you have to collect the data and start up the campaigning process. At any step, you can access your data and monitor them.

Features List Included Here

OnSpot Social allows some defined categories to organize the available features. These are:

Email and Data Collection: Inside this category, there exist some helpful options. In fact; you can customize your keyboards with the needed shortcut keys. This process enables the users for typing their info in a quick way. Besides, large button and input areas can be configured. This ensures that information submission process is accurate and fast. After that, any type of information can be collected with this app. OnSpot Social ensures both online and offline based data collection procedure. Moreover, you will be able to sync the available info with the email marketing tool.

Social Signups: Within this category, there is the option to collect FB likes, twitter followers, email addresses and Instagram followers. All these options convert the available visitors into the active subscribers. So, you don’t need to rely on third-party extension or plugin.

Brand Promotion: Brand promotion feature is simply organized within this app. Here, you can use your iPad as a digital signage.

Pricing Level of OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social issues three pricing packages. For short package, you can choose the weekly term. For 6 month subscription, you need to pay $124.99. For an annual package, you will be asked only $174.99/year. Here, you can purchase this plan with $14.58/month condition.