OndeSoft Screen Capture Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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For performing the screen grabbing activity under Mac OS, OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac is a perfect one solution. Through this tool, the users will be able to capture almost any screen part under the Mac desktop.


OndeSoft Screen Capture Review

While using this, the elliptical region and the rectangular region can easily be captured. The variation in the capturing mood allows the users to grab any snapshot quite simply. Then, the editing tool allows the users to highlight on any specific portion under any image. This format ensures the way to maintain the personalization process of any image.While depending on OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac, the screenshot saving process is very simple in various formats. In capturing the needed area, the scrolling system is also allowed inside the window.

Users of this Tool

OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac is a perfect one tool for the bloggers and graphics designer. Moreover, the home users can also rely on this tool to ensure the image capturing process from the desktop screen. The flexible interface section manages the way to control the capturing mood quite comfortably. After completing the capturing system, the editing task can also be performed with the editing tools and conditions. It offers some built-in customizing tool for managing the editing process. Moreover, the corresponding scrolling area capturing mood allows the users to maintain the scrolling window through a single click.

Functionalities offered by this Tool

To assure the capturing system from the entire desktop, OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac is very effective. It includes various cropping system by depending on the user’s choice. In your desired image, you can also apply the custom shape. After that, you can also set the hotkeys and these are helpful for capturing the images in the fastest way. Then, the timing format can also be defined to manage the capturing mood of the corresponding image. Through this facility, the image will be captured from the desktop section by depending on the commanded region. In the region selection process, you will get the term to control them from a remote place. Here, the screen magnifier section offers the way to capture the specific portion of the screen in a correct way. To personalize the shots, some professional tools are issued in this program. After completing the shooting process, you can add various types of contents like texts, short clips etc. Here, the font size, brush tool can be controlled from admin section quite simply. At the file saving process, there exist a lot of formats like PNG, BMP, XBM and JPEG and so on.

Pricing Issue of OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac

OndeSoft Screen Capture for Mac offers a free trial version. To get the premium version, you need to pay only $29.95.