NXPowerLite Coupon, Avail Cool Discount and Pricing

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Enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% which is being provided here as cash back on purchasing any license. To have this, purchase NXPowerLite as per the mentioned way in the following image.

NXPowerLite Coupon

That is, we are mentioning this cash back as NXPowerLite coupon.

NXPowerLite and its detail

In the age of computer and smart devices, it is necessary to transfer files from any device to another. But it takes most of your time when you want to send a big file by means of any electronic transfer medium such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, internet etc. So we need to compress the files before we sent them on to the others. NXPowerLite is one of the most popular file compressing software. It can compress big PDF and Microsoft office files such as Word document, PowerPoint and Excel files and so on. It can compress huge amount of JPEG images without changing. So this product is necessary for attaching files for email or any kind of internet transfer. This product is useful in business, education and defense because it is necessary to shorter the size of the huge sum of files. If the properties of this product impressed you, then purchase it at a cheap price with the special NXPowerLite discount and coupon. No additional coupon code from NXPowerLite will be needed.

Products of the Tool

There are various kinds of products for various kinds of platforms and different kinds of uses. Short description about those products are given below-

NXPowerLite Desktop 6: This product supports in both Windows and Mac operating system. It can compress the big files or big amount of files such as PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, JPG etc. It compresses the files without changing its original format. It looks similar after compressing but in smaller size. It needs Windows XP and to for installation. In Mac it needs 10.6.x to above.

NXPowerLite JPEG: It only supports Windows operating system. It can compress the JPG images. But this compression process isn’t changing the resolution of the image. It looks pretty similar after compressing. Compressed photos are used to easily send by emails, upload to the web and store it into the drive or Drop box. It can compress the images less than 50% of their size. So it saves your driver space and also saves your internet data for uploading.

NXPowerLite for PowerPoint: Supports in Mac OSX version 10.6.x to above. PowerPoint files contain images, charts and various kinds of big elements inside. So it’s not easy to compress a PowerPoint file. This product can compress these kinds of files so easily and without changing the resolution of the images and other high resolution contents.

Coupon and Prices

Prices of NXPowerLite Desktop 6, JPEG and PowerPoint are $50, $15 and $29 respectively without adding the coupon. Desktop version supports in both Windows and Mac. If you buy this Desktop product for more users then it costs you less money. For 2-9 user it costs $45 per user, for 10-24 user it costs $40 per user, $35 per for 25-49 users, $31 per for 50-99 users. For upgrading facility you need to buy an extension named NXPowerLite Upgrade Assurance with $10 for 1 year.

So, have the product at a cheap price with the NXPowerLite coupon. We hope the discount meets your requirements.