Net-Trend Hosting Solution Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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Net-Trend Company does not provide all types of hosting services, but the important thing is they provide the hosting services with high efficiencies. This company also offers various types of domain names. Some innovative features are provided by the Net-Trend Company and those features can be the reasons why you can choose the hosting services of this company. One of the most important features is the Softaculous installer which can be used to install various types of tools to the targeted websites. The backup services will also be provided by this company when you will buy any type of hosting services of Net-Trend.

Net-Trend Review

To add various types of and size of contents to the websites and transfer a huge amount of data from the websites, it is very important to provide web hosting services to those sites. If you are looking for such services then you can choose the Web Hosting of the Net-Trend Company. Different types of important features are available with the web hosting of this company. It includes very speedy servers which will be very helpful for the fast loading of the websites.

Web Hosting Services of This Company

Very high-quality uptime and regular backup facility are also very important features of the web hosting of the Net-Trend Company. Email scanner will also be offered to your website and this feature will be useful for making the emails free from viruses. When you will provide any package of Net-Trend web hosting to your website, you will be allowed to use unlimited numbers of email and FTP accounts. It also offers image manager and file editor tools. Net-Trend offers 3 different plans for the web hosting. You just have to choose the right package according to your necessities.

Net-Trend Reseller Hosting Services

This type of hosting is suitable for those who want to provide hosting facilities to others. Just like the web hosting of the Net-Trend Company, the Reseller hosting o this company also offers fast servers, various types of website tools and an unlimited number of MySQL servers, email and FTP accounts. The Lite Reseller package for this service offers 2 GB disk space. Deluxe and Premium Reseller packages offer 4 GB and 6 GB disk spaces respectively.

Domain Name Registration Facilities

The Net-Trend Company offers not only multiple types of hosting but also domain name registration facilities. If you want to create new websites for personal and private purposes then you have to register those with various domain names. This company provides registration for local country based domain names like .us, .uk etc. and other types of domain names like .com, .cc, .biz etc. So according to the types of your websites, you can apply for various types of domain names. To get any kind of domain names, you have to pay specific rate per year.