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We are sorry that following .NET REACTOR offer is no longer active, as we are no longer affiliated with the company. Thanks for reaching here and please see our other posts.

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.NET Reactor Review and Features

The person who knows about the coding for the software creation, must know the name of the .NET Framework. This amazing creation of the Microsoft offers one of the easiest way for making and protecting the software. Suppose you have completed one task with the help of that framework. It will be very important to protect the codes very strongly. Similarly, you have to offer a suitable licensing system for that. So what you will do for offering these? Well, perhaps the .NET Reactor may be best for you. This impressive product has so many important features. When discussing about the .NET Reactor coupon code and discount, here are the highlights of this system:

Problems of Other Techniques

If you do not use the .NET Reactor then you may face several problems. Actually, this is the system which can completely protect the source code of your application. You must know why this task is necessary. If you compile the codes of one software once, that can be reproduced later. The professional developers always need to get rid of this problem. Many of the developers take help from the Obfuscation. This system cannot hide or make the codes impossible to understand. Actually, it can make those difficult to understand. That is why you have the use the .NET Reactor. This system perfectly secure the codes which cannot be done by the Obfuscation.

Some Built-in Tools

This system is combination of so many tools and programs. For example, it has the protection and anti-decompiler. You can take help from the NecroBit for stopping all types of decompilation. Reverse engineering is very dangerous for the software developing. .NET Reactor can perfectly stop this harm. The Anti ILDASM tool has also been integrated with this product of Eziriz. It will also let you take help from the Obfuscation. Very much strong name removal protection is another great advantage of this solution. For this tool, the hacker won’t be able to use other names to use your codes for hacking. It can work with the 3rd party tools very easily. The command line interface is also supported by this product.

.net reactor coupon code

Multiple Language Support

As the .NET Reactor is for the software code protection, you have to consider which languages are supported by it. C++, .NET, J#, VB.NET and other popular languages can be secured by this impressive system. Similarly it is compatible with various versions of Windows operating system and server. No matter you have Windows 98 or Windows 8.1, you can use the .NET Reactor. Another attractive thing is the price of it. According to this review writing time, without coupon, normally the price of this product is 179 USD only. This price is very less than that of any other available similar type of tools. The user interface is very much friendly. It is suitable for working with the 64 bit environment.

The .NET Reactor coupon code is not available, so the discount coupon will be provided as the way of rebate in 2016. So please have the benefit of this Eziriz promo on purchase.