Net Orbit Network Monitoring Pricing : Get an Exclusive Review

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It is very important for monitoring the activities of the employees during the working hours. For the maximum productivities of the company, this monitoring system is very much important. In many cases, it can be seen that the employees use the workstation computers for their personal tasks during the working hours which is very alarming for any company. In this case, you can use the Net Orbit software which has achieved huge popularity to the company owners due to high efficiency and ease of use.

Net Orbit Review

For monitoring the computers perfectly and easily, you have to install this software on the workstation and also to the client computers. The important thing is after installing this into the client or employee computers, the employees will not be able to stop the activities of it and even they will not be able to uninstall this by any means. This software is the real-time monitoring software so that you will be able to monitor the live activities of the employees very easily with the help of the Net Orbit. There are so many monitoring tools which can be used for monitoring the computer of employees separately. But the Net Orbit will let you see the running activities in all the client computers at the same time.

Main Features of the Net Orbit Software

Not only the live activities but also all the activities previously done with the client computers can also be monitored by using this extraordinary monitoring software. Even the temporary history files will also be recorded by the Net Orbit. What types of documents are opened by the employees can be seen by you if you have this software. Similarly, the emailing histories and the histories of the applications opened in the client computers can also be monitored by the Net Orbit Software.

Network Compatibility and Different Plans

Network compatibility of this product is very much impressive. No matter what is the edition of the Windows operating system is perfect for this software. The important thing is it is even compatible with the Windows 8 which is the new edition of this operating system. You have to use at least 512 MB RAM to use this product though 1 GB RAM is recommended for it. 50 MB space is essential for this software and amazingly this software can work with both the 32 bit and 64 bit PCs. Both the Wired and Wireless Networks are suitable for this monitoring software. Before buying any license of this product you have to consider the number of computers in the workstation of your company or office. 6 different license plans are available for this software and those plans offer the permission to use to minimum 1 to maximum 250 different computers.