MySQL Data Access Components Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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MySQL Data Access Components acts as a compact library system with data access components. With the support of this tool, the users can access into MySQL from C++ Builder, Delphi, Pascal, Lazarus 0n Mac OS, Windows PC, Linux and Android and so on. This platform is suitable both for 32 bit and 64 bit. Application depending on MySQL Data Access Components can directly access into MySQL server.

MySQL Data Access Components Review

MySQL Data Access Components is mainly developed to help the programmers by which they can develop MySQL DB applications quite easily. This is considered as a replacement solution for MySQL connectivity. Besides, you can use this as an alternative solution of Borland Database Engine.

Beneficial Supports Included Here

If you are trying to develop MyDAC supportive DB applications, then you won’t face any problem to deploy them. These applications don’t depend on any third party layer like ODBC or BDE. In fact; their runtime performance is very fast while comparing with others. After that, MyDAC affords an active chance to integrate with MySQL. In this case, it doesn’t depend on the client library of MySQL. It covers a wide range of MySQL features. To optimize any database application, it includes all the supportive functionalities. Inside this, you will get some active features to assure secure connection and administrative rights control. It is supportive of cross platforms. In fact; you can depend on various IDEs like C++ Builder, Delphi, and FPC etc. It provides multiple GUI tools that can increase the productivity level. Besides, MySQL Data Access Components assures an active power to monitor the activities of DB applications.

Why Users Like This?

It ensures all the needed features in some categories. It ensures direct access to any server without depending on any client library. Its interface section is compatible with general data access procedures like ADO, BDE etc. To create any console application, it affords an effective GUI. Inside networking category, a lot of features are available. Here, the users can control the connection system in offline mode. It is compatible with the existing protocols of MySQL. After that, you can configure MySQL protocol by depending on your right. Moreover, there is the opportunity to handle command timeout functionality in an automatic way.

Pricing Level of MySQL Data Access Components

MySQL Data Access Components offers three different versions. These are Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Professional Edition with Source Code. To get the Standard edition, you have to pay only $129.95. This license is valid for the Single user. For Team users, this license is valid for the price of $299.95. To purchase Professional Edition, you have to pay only $199(Single license). While getting Team license of Professional Edition, only $499.95 is needed to pay.