MyPCBackup Online Storage Review : Get Latest Pricing

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Various companies of the world offer the online backup storages and services to the customers all over the world. Some of them cannot be successful and some of them get very high popularity. The storages and facilities of the MyPCBackup Company are very popular because of some reasons. You can rely on the products of this company without any hesitation for storing the data and files from your personal computers, home computers and business computers.

MyPCBackup Products and Review

This company offers very advanced features in the home computer backup system. With the help of this, you will be able to create and store the backups very easily to the allotted backup storage. Important thing is it offers highly encrypted service. For the automatic backup facility of the MyPCBackup, no file from your computer will be lost.

Synchronization across various types of computers can create with the help of MyPCBackup. You don’t have to use a specific type of device to access the backup data. You can access these from any device, like a laptop, desktop, mobile device, from anywhere. 75 GB plan of MyPCBackup is very useful for them who need to store the backups from their personal computer. For multiple home computers, the 250 GB plan of this company is suitable. This company also offers the Unlimited Plan for the home users.

Backup Storages for Business Organizations

As a responsible business owner, you can provide the strong backup solution for all the computers of your business organization. If you provide this type of solution to those computers, then all the business related important data and files will be protected. MyPCBackup offers premium business backup solutions for various numbers of computers.

You just have to choose the number of computers from which you need to store the backups and to choose the size of the backup storage. You can use the storage of this company for backing up the files from minimum 20 to maximum 150 different computers and you can purchase the online storages from 500 GB to 5 TB.

Various Reseller Plans MyPCBackup

Reseller plans of this company are very attractive and if you want to sell your owned storage of this company to other customers, then you can choose any of the three available reseller plans. After purchasing any of these plans, you will be able to co-brand every part of the online storage by using your company logo instead of the logo of the MyPCBackup.

You can totally customize the products provided by this company with your own styles. Three different plans are the 500 GB plan, 1 TB plan and the 2 TB plan. Each plan expresses the primary storage space of that plan. Important thing is you can extend the size of storage by paying extra charge.