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My Screen Recorder Review

To record the activity of the PC desktop, many types of tools are available in the market. Most of them are not user friendly. To assure the flexible recoding activity, My Screen Recorder is a helpful solution for all types of solutions. It affords the users to record the on screen activities of the desktop PC into the AVI format or WMV format. It mainly performs the task to record almost everything from any PC while including the menus, windows, cursor activities etc. Besides, the audio sounds and the video clips will also be recorded easily through this. To record the corresponding applications from the PC, it affords all the needed tools. If the review draws your attention, then get My Screen Recorder through the website and enjoy a delicate coupon and discount, for which, no additional coupon code is needed.

Available facilities in this

My Screen Recorder includes many types of facilities through the recording process. In case of making presentations, some creative functions are offered here. Besides, the tutorial making process can also be handled through this program. Sometimes, the recording process may be needed in case of website review. In that case, you can rely on this tool to perform the specific task. In managing the recording system, you will get the facility to record the full screen or any specific application program. It assures the high quality video file creating system with various formats. The file size can also be controlled here from a custom mood section.

Facilities of this solution

My Screen Recorder includes the recording features in a sequential format. Among of them, the first one term is the screen capture mood. In the recoding case, you can manage the custom region selection process. Any specific application can be recorded easily through this program. After that, it offers the full concentration on mouse cursor moving process. Besides, it also contains the ability to manage the recoding process from multi screen. Besides, the audio clips can be integrated with the recorded video clips in a simple way. To add the audio clips, you can use the microphone. Moreover, the available sounds from the PC speakers can also be added to the recorded file. To maintain the video file, you can rely on various formats through various sizing issues. It affords the built-in media player system to review the recordings.

Available Packages and Coupon

My Screen Recorder offers two packages. The first one is the simple version and the last one is the Pro version. The Pro version includes a wide range of features than the normal version. The Pro version offers some more innovative features while compared with the simple version like time lapse based recording, recoding system from hidden mode, MP4 and Flash output supporting the issue and so on. In fact, My Screen Recorder is affordable almost for all the OS versions of Windows. You can purchase this through 5,914,30 JPY excluding the coupon.

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