More Than (Just) Themes Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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In the web development platform, a lot of CMS systems are available. Drupal is considered as a flexible one among all of them as it assures the simple mood of using various types of themes and the tools for managing the corresponding tasks. In developing the Drupal themes with the creative format, More Than (just) Themes is very effective. It offers a lot of themes with the variation of the facilities and activities.

More Than (Just) Themes Review

More Than (just) Themes ensures all the supportive conditions inside every theme. Here, the web developers will observe the great designing system with the responsive format. Due to this facility, the corresponding sites can be viewed almost from all types of devices. Then, the layout designing task is very simple while using the themes of this platform. The installation process of every theme is very simple like other themes. While installing the themes, you will get the opportunity of managing all the corresponding activities like sliding effect managing issue, menu using policy, and widget using the system and so on terms.

Common Characteristics under Each Theme

Sports+: This theme is mainly affordable for the magazine and newsletter based site. It holds all the powerful functions and terms to develop any Drupal site. Here, you will observe the issue to place the needed contents in the corresponding sector. Then, the social media sharing task, canvas addition process, menu bar customization process, post and comment system can also be handled through this theme quite simply.

Available Themes Issued Here

Corporate+: This theme is a suitable one for the corporate level business firm. Besides, the large industries can also use this theme for the specific task. It offers all the needed terms to apply the product managing process, pricing issue management system and sliding activity processing issue.

Booking+: In the hotel or restaurant section, this theme can be applied. Here, a lot of activities and tools are offered for the ordering process of any food item. Here, the reserving issue is also offered from the customer section. To handle the customer demand, the admin panel section is very essential and this term can be managed from the author section of this theme.

Portfolio+: In case of developing the personal or portfolio-based site under Drupal platform, Portfolio+ is an active one theme. The personal users or the bloggers can simply use this theme to conduct the corresponding task. Then, the photographers can also rely on this theme as it issues the custom sliding term managing condition.

Pricing Issue of More Than (just) Themes

To get the Sports+ theme, you need to pay $69, 4129 and $229 sequentially for Personal, Pro and Enterprise packages sequentially. Almost all the premium themes in this platform offer these three packages with the same pricing policy.