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Mobimatic Discount

A Short Review of the Mobimatic

Mobile devices are getting spot of computers day by day. Smartphones support so many applications that can offer tremendous facilities. In each day, new types of mobile apps are being developed. There is manual way of creating such app. On the other hand, some platforms are there which can help you to create such app very easily and quickly. Mobimatic is one of such type of mobile app platforms. Even a novice can easily create apps with the help of this product. If the review impressed you, then purchase Mobimatic with the discount coupon. You will get the product at a much cheaper price when you purchase it with the Mobimatic coupon. Here are some main features of this impressive solution:

Creates Various Apps

Mobimatic is capable of creating so different types of apps. Some of those are affiliate, membership, WordPress, music, and community apps etc. For creating business related apps, this platform is very much useful. Only three steps should be followed to complete desired mobile application. For doing so, you can take advantage of the drag-and-drop builder of this product. Admin dashboard will be available with each of those created apps. That is why, it will be very easy to manage those. Mobimatic is useful for developing client’s applications. In that case, you have to purchase Agency License of this product. It will provide white label facility. So, clients will not be able to understand how their products have been created.

Mobimatic License Pricing and Discount

Three types of licenses are offered for Mobimatic. One of those is Monthly Plan which can be enjoyed by paying 67 USD per month. This license includes all necessary features like 24/7 support, and unlimited app creation. Annual Plan of this platform is also very much attractive. To purchase this one, just 427 USD should be paid for one year. Geo push notification is an extra feature added to this plan. Most popular plan of Mobimatic is Agency Membership. As per 21 November 2016, price of this plan is only 497 USD per year without the discount. Weekly webinar coaching facility has made this license more powerful. It also has white label app creation facility. That is why, you can create apps for the clients with it.

Some Other Features

There are some other mobile app generating platforms which cannot work with unlimited apps. But Mobimatic has unlimited downloads and app creation feature. Each of those created apps will support photo galleries and unlimited content pages. Sometimes, you may not have time to build backgrounds of those applications. That is why, readymade backgrounds have been added to this product. You can also add social walls for commenting. Similarly, in each app, WP blog can also be added very easily. Sometimes, you may need to add the created app to specific ecommerce stores. Mobimatic is useful for doing so. In each app, auto update facility and custom forms can be added very easily.

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