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MOBILedit Forensic Express

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MOBILedit Forensic Express Review

A mobile phone can be the mirror of the characteristics and activities of the user. For investigating purposes, you may need to extract various data from the targeted phone. And sometimes, you may need to extract the deleted data from your phone. In any of those cases, you can use the MOBILedit Forensic Express. Just like other products of the same brand, this software is also very much impressive. You can install this product on your computer, and then connect your phone to extract the necessary information very easily. When discussing aboout MOBILedit Forensic Express coupon, some of main features of this product are:

Password Breaker Solution

Nowadays, backups of phones can be easily created. And most of the users lock those backups with very strong passwords and pins. From those backups, various necessary information can be found out. That is why, password breaker solution has been integrated with MOBILedit Forensic Express. It can perform dictionary attack to crack password of the backup.

This operation can be done on any type of phone including iPhone. Camera Ballistics is another very important tool which can be integrated with the Forensic Express of MOBILedit. This additional tool will help you to extract more details of the photos. Then you will be able to know the information about the sensor the camera with which the photos were captured. Though this powerful all-in-one solution is very powerful, you don’t have to face difficulties while using it. The easy user interface will help you to control it without problems.

Analysis and Reporting

Actually, Forensic Express of MOBILedit is known as the all-in-all solution for extracting data from phones. This product can easily find out the deleted call histories, messages, contacts and other data of the phones. Very impressive application analysis capability has made this product stronger. The user data saved on those applications can easily be extracted by this beautiful MOBILedit product. Sometimes, you may use this product for providing necessary information to others. In those cases, detailed reports will help you to impress your client. That is why, this product will provide you informative reports very easily.

MoBILedit Pricing Options and Discount

There are two main licenses for the MOBILedit Forensic Express. First one is the Single User License which can be purchased by only 99 USD. You can use this for getting the information from only one mobile phone. That means, it is not perfect for the professional purposes. In those cases, you can use the other license of this product. That one will help you to trace the deleted data from any number of mobile phones. As per 3 October 2016, the price of this license is only 1,299 USD without the discount coupon. You can purchase this product without tension because it can work with almost all types of mobile phones. Connecting to the phones with this software is very easy too.

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