Microsoft Word Pricing: Get a Cool Review for the Software

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Microsoft offers the Windows operating system which is undoubtedly the most popular operating system for desktop and laptop computers.  Microsoft Office is another great product of the Microsoft Corporation and this product is actually the office suite for the computers.

Microsoft Word Review

Microsoft has released the different versions of the Office suite and the latest version of this product is suitable for the Windows PCs and Macs. Any version of Microsoft Office has different built-in applications and the Microsoft Word is one of the most popular applications among those.

Different Features of This Application

Actually, the Microsoft Word is the software which can be used for processing the words as well as documents. This built-in application of the Microsoft Office will let you create, edit, read and compare different documents very easily. The read layout mode is a unique and essential feature of this product. If you want to read the document before sending, publishing or printing then you can use the read layout of Microsoft Word. While using this layout, you will be allowed to edit the documents a little and also to add comments for changes. To edit the documents, you can use various types of symbols and characters.

The ribbon facility is one of the best features of the latest versions of the Microsoft Office as well as Microsoft Word. There are so many options and tools are added to the Ribbon. The similar formatting bar will let you change the formats or styles of the selected words of any documents. The clipboard panel is another very good feature of the Microsoft Word. The Translate function of this product is very helpful for translating the selected portion into different languages. To the ribbon, you will get the insert chart where you will find various types of icons, clip arts, shapes which can be added to the documents very easily. You can also add various types of pictures to the documents to make those more attractive and professional looking. The entire page color can easily be changed with the help of the built-in tools of the Microsoft Word. The PDF files can be opened with the help of  Microsoft and those files can also be easily edited.

Various Versions and Requirements for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office 2013 offers such edition of the Microsoft Word which can be used only in the Windows computers each of which has at least 1 GHz processor with 1 GB RAM. It can work with the latest versions of the Windows Operating System. Microsoft also offers the Mac version of the Office suite. If you want to use this product on your Mac then that device must have the Intel processor. For using the Microsoft word to both of your Mac and Windows computer, you have to buy the Microsoft Office 365 which is the latest edition of this product.