Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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The tablets can be easily carried and have large screens. That is why, nowadays, people love to use those devices. Android Tabs, iPads and Windows tablets and three categories of tablets based on the operating systems.

Microsoft Surface Review

If you want to buy a Windows tablet then you can choose any of the editions of the Microsoft Surface. The most important thing for all the editions of the Microsoft Surface is those can be used instead of the laptops. Let’s take a look at the features of three different editions of the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface Pro Highlights

Normally most of the Windows tablets have 8-inch screens but 8-inch screens are not perfectly suitable for multi-tasking or doing various official works. That is why the Microsoft Company has added 10.6-inch screen to the Microsoft Surface Pro. For the scratch resistant glass of this product, you can use this product normally without any hesitation of scratching. The IPS LCD type display of this device is very useful for using under the sunlight. 1-megapixel camera with 29 fps camcorder facility is available with the Microsoft Surface Pro. Built-in Intel HD Graphics processor of this device is another attraction and that is why you will be able to play large games in it. Normally, the tablets have the micro USB connector with which the USB drives cannot be connected directly. But the Microsoft Surface Pro has full-size USB which will let you connect normal pen drives and other USB devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Features

You may know that the Microsoft Company has released the Windows 8.1 which is the updated version of the Windows 8. If you are interested to use this latest operating system in your tablet then you can use the Microsoft Surface Pro which offers the pre-loaded Windows 8.1 operating system. Just like the Surface Pro, this device also has a 10.6-inch screen and 4 GB RAM with 64 GB internal storage. Very nice quality stereo speaker and camcorder facilities have been added to this device so that you will enjoy very much.

Innovativeness Microsoft Surface Pro 3

If you have to the Microsoft Surface then you may not need to buy Laptop because this is probably the most powerful Windows Tablet in the world. For the 12 inch screen of this device, you will enjoy playing games, watching movies and doing multiple tasks at the same time in it. 5 mp high-quality rear camera of it will help you to capture photos of various events. If you love the live chatting then the 5 mp front camera will be very useful. 8 GB RAM is one the best features of this product of the Microsoft Company. Surface Pro 3 has the USB Host facility also.