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This is a sophisticated Windows Tablet series from Microsoft which has gain good impression in its arena. The price seems little expensive but being a MS product, there shouldn’t be any doubt about the quality it provides. Check the following purchase options:

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Discount Price for Microsoft Surface

Review of Surface and Discount Coupon

Undoubtedly, the smartphones have achieved so much popularity all over the world. The popularities of the Android smartphones as well as Windows Smartphones are still increasing very quickly. But the smartphones are not too big in sizes and that is why those are not suitable for all types of works. That is why the mobile phone companies have created the Tablets which are larger in sizes and for large memory size and high battery capacity those devices can be used for all types of personal and professional tasks. Microsoft Company also offers the Tablets known as Microsoft Surface which has different editions. So if you like this tablet, check above from Microsoft Surface coupon on purchase. This promotional discount can save some extras on the price.

Features of Pro Edition

The Microsoft Surface Pro has come with 10.6 inch screen which is very nice for watching movies and doing different tasks. The pixel density of the display of this device is 208 ppi which also very good. This product of the Microsoft brand is 907g in weight. So you will feel no problem to carry this tablet very easily to your office or anywhere outside your home. The Windows 8 Pro edition is used in the Microsoft Surface Pro. 1 megapixel rear camera has been added in this device and for the live chatting it also has the front camera. Built in storage of this device is large and that is 64 GB. You can use additional micro SD card for the larger storage. The USB connector is also available with the tablet and that connector supports USB 3.0.

Advantages of Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Due to high popularity of the Surface Pro the Microsoft Company had released the upgraded edition of the same product which is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (or you can call it Surface Pro 2). The main difference between the previous edition and this edition is it supports the Windows 8.1 version, whereas, the previous one supports Windows 8 Pro. The display configuration of this product has been just the same as the Pro. It has front and rear cameras also. The camcorder of this product is little higher in quality and it can record at 30 fps. Stereo speaker has been included in this tablet. There is also Microsoft Surface 2 discount available from Amazon, so check the reduced price. The above coupon price will help to get the same.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and 3 Price

Better Features of Microsoft Surface Pro 3

** There is Microsoft Surface Pro 3 discount available above, so please make sure to get it.

The Surface 3 is larger in size, but impressive lighter in weight. It has 12 inch IPS LCD display which has pixel density of 216 ppi which is better than the other editions of the tablet. It is only 798g in weight. One of the great features of this Microsoft device is both the front and rear cameras of it are of 5 megapixels. It is available with 8 GB RAM for which you will be able to install and run very large application in it. The built in storage of Surface Pro 3 is so high and that is 512 GB and storage expansion can also be possible with the micro SD card.

So get Microsoft Surface discounts on purchase of the tablet. This will help to get the product at chepaer price. The coupon code price from Amazon could be check while purchase, whereas buying from Microsoft store could also be a convenient solution.