Metaio Augmented Solutions Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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Augmented reality products are very important for showing the view of different types of augmented material’s environment. Various types of hardware, as well as applications, can be considered as the augmented reality products.

Metaio Review

Some companies provide the products of augmented reality and Metaio is one of the best brands among all those. This company offers some very effective products related to the augmented reality. You can buy the products of Metaio without any tension because all the products of this company are very popular and reliable. Some main products of Metaio are:

The Metaio Creator

For showing all types of augmented reality experiences you can use the Metaio Creator. This product will let you use the images of high quality. Image-based and the object based tracking the two ways for working with the augmented reality. Metaio Creator can be used for both those tracking systems. You can also use 2 or more tracking references for your work with the help of this product. There are so many similar types of products which can deal with maximum 2 augmented reality contents at the same time. But in the case of Metaio Creator, you can work with more than 2 contents at a time. No matter your work is based on 2-D or 3-D graphics, you will be able to do that by using the Metaio Creator.

The Metaio SDK

It is very important to use the advanced quality AR applications for getting desired results. So you can use such tool which can be used for enhancing the working capabilities of the different types of AR applications. The Metaio SDK is such tool which can do this task for you. One of the most important features of this product of Metaio is it is friendly with all the popular operating systems like the Windows, Androids etc. The tracking engine of Metaio SDK is very much advanced and that is why you will be able to track any type of 2D as well as 3D images. Metaio offers two different editions for this product and those editions are the SDK Basic and SDK Pro. The Pro edition provides some very advanced features which are very necessary for the professionals.

The Metaio Cloud

Sometimes you may need to access and manage the AR applications remotely and in those cases, you can use the Metaio Cloud. You can also use this Cloud technology to update the contents and distribute those properly from any place. If you get the Metaio Cloud then you will also get the online storage to store the contents. If you need this product to use with the other product of the same brand like the Metaio Creator then you will be able to buy those both together.