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We are sorry the following Meta Slider offer cashback offer is no longer valid, as per their terms and conditions.

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Meta Slider Discount

Meta Slider and The Overview Under This

For organizing the sliding activities on the WordPress site, Meta Slider is considered as a dependable plugin for the users. This is defined as one of the best slider plugins used by the users. By using this plugin, you can simply manage the slideshow maintaining task with the flexible functions. Here, the task of selecting the images for making the slideshow is very simple and user friendly. It holds the user friendly interface system with the sequential activities. The main condition under this solution is the responsive format. The slideshow made by this platform can be viewed almost from all types of devices.

In any device, it can support the layout with full activities. Moreover, the task of adding the video file and other contents, it assures the needed features with the user defined options. Get this dependable plugin with the coupon offer. Enjoy all these cool stuff with the Meta Slider discount.

meta slider

The Users of This Solution

Site Owners: Meta Slider offers the system to create almost all the beautiful slideshow on the corresponding site. By applying the active features, you can add the videos, images and the latest work in the online based store. The interface section of this plugin is very flexible to operate. The SEO feature under this ensures the way to ensure the sliding activities in a simple mood.

Developer’s version: For making the innovative slideshow for the clients, the developers can depend on this sliding solution. After creating the slideshow, the maintaining process is also very simple. The filtering process and the needed actions can be applied for making the customization process of the slideshow.

Used by theme developers: To use the slides in the theme section of the WordPress site, this is very helpful. The integration process of this program with the existing theme is also very simple.

The Features Offered

To ensure the thumbnail navigation system, it offers an innovative tool. After that, you can create the CSS3 and HTML layer system by using the drag and drop format of WYSIWYG editor. It affords the 4 sliding windows in a single platform. The available posts can also be managed under the sliding activities. Through this system, the WooCommerce activities can be maintained in a user friendly way. After that, it offers the format of live theme editing system, image cropping system and other activities.

Meta Slider Packages & Discount Coupon

Meta Slider issues three packages which are Personal, Developer and Multi Site. Under the Personal package, you will get a license for a single site. In Multi Site package, up to 5 site managing systems are available. In Developer package, you will get the facility for maintaining unlimited sites. The prices of Personal, Multi Site and Developer packages are $19, $39 and $99 without the discount.

Get the popular WP slider plugin with discount. We expect the Meta Slider coupon to satisfy you.