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Mercalli Discount

Features and Review of Mercalli

proDAD offers some seriously important products for the computer users. For the video editing purposes, various companies offer various software. But only a few of those companies offer the software for video stabilization. But proDAD offers very impressive video stabilizer solution named Mercalli. You can use this product for post-capture 3D video stabilization. So many important features have been included in this useful solution. In this short review, only the important features have been described. You can make a purchase of Mercalli with the discount coupon. The product price has been cut to a magnificent rate with the Mercalli coupon. Let’s have a look at those features along with the pricing of this plugin:

Perfect 3D Stabilization

The proDAD Mercalli V2 Pro has the ability to provide stabilization on X, Y and Z camera axis. That means, proper 3D stabilization will be offered by this product. The shutter correction is another very important feature of this solution. This feature is very useful for dealing with the various effects like the wooble, jello and skew effects. After purchasing this product once, you don’t have to rely on any other products. The SAL feature has been included in the Mercalli. That is why, this product offers the completely flexible workflow. In case of some products, you may have seen that the zoom-in is required for the stabilization. But in case of this solution, there will be minimum need of zoom-in. That is why you will be able to complete the task more quickly.

Super-Fast Solution

The Mercalli V2 Plug-Ins has the multi-core CPU support. That is why the working speed of this product is very impressive. No matter what is the quality of the video recording, it can deal with that with the same efficiency. There can be jitters in the videos and this software has the ability to eliminate those. The dynamic camera mode has been added into this. That is why it will not damage the flavor of the videos during stabilization. Ultimate preview option has made the Mercalli more useful one. During to the stabilization, you can see the preview very easily. And then you can make the necessary changes using the fine-tuning option.

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount

While purchasing this video stabilizer solution, you will find two different licenses. One of those is the Mercalli 2 Plugins which is available for 249 USD only excluding the discount. It is a product for the Macintosh platform. This one can be used for almost all types of creating stabilizations of the videos. But you may need this solution as the standalone product. In that case, the Mercalli 4 SAL can be recommended to you. This one is perfect for working on the Windows platform. Along with video optimization, you can also use this product for CMOS correction. As of 28 September 2016, the price of this product is only 299 USD. Another great feature of both these products is, these are perfect for working with 32-bit and 64 bit environments.

In conclusion, get proDAD Mercalli with the coupon offer. This Mercalli discount will be good of a deal to purchase this amazing product at an incredible price.