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MemberMouse Plugin Highlights and Coupon

Ecommerce sites and other types of sites can be created with the help of the WordPress. But for the eCommerce sites and those sites, where membership facilities should be provided, require such plugins. It is needed in order to provide subscriptions, management system, password protection system and for providing some other facilities. The It is a such WordPress Membership Plugin which offers so many powerful and essential features with different plans. There is also MemberMouse promo and coupon for every plan as well. We have detected and highlighted those features and plans of the plugin.

Powerful Features

It is not so easy for a WordPress Plugin to create password protected membership areas, but the MemberMouse can easily do this task with great efficiency. This plugin has the ability to protect each and every page and every data related to each of them. Creating the membership area is not the only important thing for the ecommerce sites, it is also very important to use proper order management system for the customers. If you have the MemberMouse then you don’t have to worry about creating the order management system. Because this plugin can easily be used for the customer management. That management system will help you to see the orders and all the histories of the fund, refund and engagements. After becoming the member of your site, they will be able to customize their accounts by using their passwords very easily.

It can be used for providing the checkout pages and most importantly the MemberMouse WordPress Plugin offers the 1-click Upsells and Downsells systems. The employee accounts can be created by using this product and it will let you manage those accounts without any difficulty. The It will help you to promote various types of products using the social media like Facebook. Sometimes the trial facilities should be provided for various types of product and in those cases you can offer free trial edition or the paid trial facilities by using this plugin. Some innovative features have made this product more attractive. One of the innovative features is you can allow the gifting facilities to the members and then he/she will be allowed to gift his/her membership to others.

There is also coupon and discount available. The procedure mentioned in above image, additional coupon code for this WordPress Membership plugin is not required.

MemberMouse Coupon

Basic and Professional Plans

There are three basic plans for this innovative WordPress Plugin and it also available in three professional plans. Starter, Builder and Growth are three basic plans. The first one is for managing 1 thousand members, the second one is for 5 thousand and the last one that is the Growth plan is for 10 thousand. The three high volume professional plans are the Advanced, Premium and Professional. If you want to deal with maximum 50 thousand then you can choose the Advanced Plan. The Premium Plan will let you deal with 100 thousand members and the Professional Plan is for dealing with unlimited.

MemberMouse is a cool WordPress Membership plugin and with the promo in 2015 to 2016, the product could be purchased at reduced price. So get the above mentioned MemberMouse coupon when purchasing Standard, Advanced as well as Premium package.