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McAfee is undoubtedly one of the most popular companies in the field of various types of protection tools for the computers. This company also offers the small business protection tools of different types.

McAfee Small Business Products

Each of the small business tools of this company is full of important features and it is very difficult to describe the features of all those products in short. That is why we have tried to find out the major features of the major small business software of McAfee.

McAfee Small Business

Features of SaaS Endpoint Protection

This is very powerful product of the McAfee because it can protect not only all types of computers, but also the file servers with high effectiveness. The normal and latest quality threats will be detected and blocked by this protection software. It has the anti-malware tool which will work against the Trojans, adware and spywares to protect your servers and computers. The built-in network protection tool of SaaS Endpoint Protection software by McAfee will ensure the protected network connection. If you have this product then you can browse the websites without any tension because it has a very strong web browser protection program. It is very much easy to use and system friendly.

Security for Business of This Brand

McAfee Security for Business is very essential protection solution which has multi-layered protection engine. For this reason, it can protect all types of servers, emails, webs and most importantly the computers. The computer and server protection features of this product of the McAfee brand are similar as those of the SaaS Endpoint Protection discussed above. The email protection engine of it is very much simplified and stronger so that it can protect the emails from all types of spams and viruses. So your confidential emails will never be lost if you have this product. Web 2.0 contents can be analyzed with it very easily and effectively.

The Endpoint Protection Suite

This product is one of the best among all of the McAfee Small Business Products. You will be able to get all the facilities of the McAfee Security for Business from this product it offers some advanced features which have actually made this product supreme. It has very strong desktop firewall tool. This essential tool will never let the identity thieves and the hackers to collect any information by hacking your computer. It has the capability to control the network connection based on the security concerns. McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite can be used for scanning different types of removable devices for detecting and eliminating the viruses and other threats. The centralized management system, this product is very easy to control, though the features of it are very powerful. Real time snapshot facility of this suite is very effective in checking the security status of the system.