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Though the McAfee brand is one of the most popular brand for different types of computer and mobile protection solutions, but still it cannot be said that all the products of this brand is equally popular. McAfee Internet Security is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and popular products of this company.

Highlights of McAfee Internet Security

McAfee Internet Security is not only a normal protection solution but also a PC performance friendly tool. So if you are looking for advanced internet security software for your single or multiple PCs, then you can go for McAfee Internet Security.

McAfee Internet Security

Stunning Features of This Software

Though the number of features of this product is very high, we have talked only about the main features of this product. You should not worry about the efficiency of the antivirus protection tool of this product because McAfee always uses very strong protection tools in its products. Stronger threats like the rootkits, worm, malwares etc. will be detected and destroyed by this software and of course the common PC threats will not get any chance to do harm to your computer. The latest types of viruses and threats can cause harm if you use normal quality protection software to your PC. McAfee Internet Security provides very strong Active Protection system which will work against all the new threats. The Vulnerability Checker tool of this product is very advanced and that is why it can detect the outdated software from your computer.

The important thing is this software also has the capability to make your computer faster and enhance the performance, though this is mainly a computer protection solution. The cookie files and the unnecessary temp files will remove automatically by the QuickClean tool of the McAfee Internet Security. The Shredder tool of this software will let you remove those files safely and permanently which are very much confidential. Like the other strong internet security solutions of the world, McAfee Internet Security also has the Parental Control tool which is very efficient. You can use this tool to set the internet connection time limit and to block those websites which can be harmful for the children. The Wi-Fi protection tool of the McAfee Internet Security is also impressive.

Different Editions and Prices

After considering all the powerful features discussed above, you can purchase this product for your computer(s). If you want to use this product for protecting only one computer of yours, then you can choose the McAfee Internet Security 1-User and in this case, you have to pay only £54.99 (as of October 16, 2014). Another edition of this product is the McAfee Internet Security 3-User which can be used for making 3 different computers completely secured. According to October 16, 2014, the price of the 3-User edition of McAfee Internet Security is only £59.99.