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Online system has enabled a lot of supports in our daily activities. Without depending on the online system our personal activities as well as the business based activities will be incomplete. In the online based business activities the marketing section is one of the essential one for the authorized businessmen. To assure the best performance in the marketing section we have to ensure some factors like email marketing process among the clients and the users, Mobile SMS processing etc. To get all these facilities for your business firm from any single platform, MALIGEN us a trusted one platform for us.

MALIGEN and the Overview

To get the best marketing result, it affords all the needed functions. To manage the flexible platform for the email marketing category with the sufficient facilities. It is a dependable one software program for the users.


The Main Functions under MALIGEN

To begin a new era in the integrated marketing section, this software program offers a lot of essential and needed tools. While depending on these tools, the users can simply send the newsletter with the simple creation format. Besides, the auto generated email messages can also ensure through thus program.

The Features of MALIGEN

Campaign of Email Marketing: To send the actual email message to the authorized clients, the email marketing tools are very effective. To enable this system according to the user’s defined way, MALIGEN offers a lot of features by allowing the actual channel. In fact; this tool has become a part under any online based business strategy. To enable the strong relationship with the customers, it offers a lot of options under the needed functions. For this system, you will need to depend on the email editor which can be managed through the drag and drop functionality.

Besides, a wide range of email campaigns can be established through this program. To allow this facility, you can take the support of the tested template offered by MALIGEN. Moreover, the email reporting system is also essential here which can be organized with the graph format. According to the performance of the receiving time by the clients, it approves a rate with the graphical system.

SMS Marketing system: The use of the mobile technology is increasing day by day. So, the mobile marketing system is also increasing due to the available technology. This process is done through the SMS messaging. By using this method, the users will get the chance to send the messages to the actual audience at the fixed scheduled time. Under this facility, the SMS can send around 200 countries with the defined performance. Moreover, you will get some other facilities from MALIGEN like online surveys, Social media sector integration process and so on.