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Magic Partition Recovery

Magic Partition Recovery Reviews

Everyone, who uses the computer or smart devices, knows about data storage and data storage system. We store our various types of data into various types of data storage such as hard disk, pen drive, memory card, disks, etc. Sometimes important files got deleted or broken accidently or unconsciously. This is a common problem for all of the users who use these types of data storage system to store their data. Sometimes it causes some serious problems. Recover the deleted or broken data gives you more pain than you thought. But no tensions, grab Magic Partition Recovery and fix your broken files and folders, regain your deleted data and feel safe from all those dangers.

There is also Magic Office Recovery discount available. Also the coupon as rebate applies for Magic NTFS Recovery and Magic Fat Recovery.

Features of the Tool

Regain deleted data: If you deleted some data or folder than it gives you the easiest way to recover your files and folders. It is easy to fix the broken files and folders of this product. Magic Partition Recovery can also fully active your corrupted disks or folders.

Back data from disks: If a disk doesn’t work properly for the screeches over it, then it can back your saved files and folders from that disk.

Format issue: Sometimes some of the storage devices cannot get formatted. Without format, they also cannot allow you to store any files into it. This product can format these types of storage devices.

Fix file system: Sometimes the file systems of the storage devices destroyed. So we are unable to find a data from that storage device easily. Partition Recovery can fix your whole file system of your storage device.

Available Editions

When discussing about the discount, there are three types of edition for three types of uses. They are-

Magic Partition Recovery Home Edition: This edition is for non-official use. This provides recovery process for the storage devices at home.

Magic Partition Recovery Office Edition: If you have an organization that is profitable or not profitable, then it can help you to increase customer service. You need to store previous transaction from your customer. So it is necessary to keep the information free from danger. If someone unconsciously deletes some of your data, then it can help you to recover the information.

Magic Partition Recovery Commercial Edition: Any business industry or any kind of personal professional use you need to keep this edition for customer support. It increases recovery systems and services to your customer.

Pricing and Discount Coupon

You need to pay different for different types of edition. Edition should be chosen by considering your purpose of uses. Price of Home Edition is $99.95, Office Edition is $239.95 and Commercial Edition is $399.95 without any coupon code. Every edition has own trail with 15 days validity. After that, you need to buy a license for further use.

So have Magic Partition Recovery discount and get the promo on purchase.