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Lookeen Standard Edition

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Lookeen Coupon

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Review and Features of Lookeen

If you are looking for very powerful desktop search solution, then only a few items can be recommended to you. Some of the desktop search solutions can work on the computer perfectly, but cannot work on the network. That is why, purchasing those will not be cost effective for you. In this case, I can suggest you the Lookeen which is very powerful desktop search program. No matter your PC is connected or not connected with a network, this product will perform efficiently. Purchase the tool with Lookeen discount. This coupon on Lookeen will you get the product at a more affordable price. Among so many features, only the main features have been discussed in this review.

Desktop Search Features

Real time indexing is one of the best features of the Lookeen. In the index, it can store the information about the emails and documents. And by just searching the index, this product can find out the results very quickly. More than 25 different filters have been added into this product. That is why, you can find out the exact items you are looking for. This software supports various types of file formats including HTML, PHP, PowerPoint, TXT, and JPG etc. Another great feature of the Lookeen is it can also search the contents of the files. So you don’t have to know the file names all the times. And this product can also create the history of the search queries.

Attractive Pricing Plans and Coupon

Among three different editions of the Lookeen, you can purchase any one according to your necessity. For normal day to day use, the Standard Edition of this product can be recommended. As per the date of writing this post, the price of lifetime license of this edition is only 49.80 USD. The Business Edition of this product is suggested to the business administrators. Lifetime license of this product is offered only for 98.77 USD without the coupon. Enterprise Edition of this product is available for only 138.04 USD. This one is the most powerful edition of this desktop search software. It offers the important shared index facility for the teams. And this edition also includes the Lookeen Server access which can be enjoyed by the users.

Efficient Outlook Search

The Lookeen offers very impressive Outlook Search facility. This product can search on Outlook based on categories. That means, you can search for only the contacts or tasks or emails. For this feature, it can work with high speed. The search results will be organized into rows and columns. You will get the power to set the number of rows and columns. That means, the number of search results can be predetermined. Lookeen is one of those very few search program which can search based on the Boolean operators. Similarly, this product can also deal with the wildcards for performing better searches. Timeline facility is another great feature of this product. It will show you the information about sent and received emails for each month.

In conclusion, enjoy the discount on Lookeen by following the image instructions. Hopefully, you will have a great experience with the Lookeen coupon.