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Listing Eagle

Review and Features of Listing Eagle

We all know that Amazon is one of the biggest online platforms for buying and selling goods. You may have your own product listing on this platform. It is very important to protect such listings because hijackers are always there to get access to those. More shocking thing is, it is not possible to strongly protect those manually. To solve this problem, I can suggest you to use the Listing Eagle. It is considered as a very powerful amazon listing monitoring solution and is used by so many people. Get the powerful amazon listing monitoring solution with the discount coupon. Enjoy this Listing Eagle coupon in 2017. Let’s take a look at some main features and facilities of this essential solution:

Protecting the Brand

Hijackers are always problems for the brands. They can hijack any kind of product listing anytime. To protect your brand from any kind of hijacking attempt, very advanced monitoring system has been added to Listing Eagle. It is fact that anytime your listings can be suppressed. And whenever that will happen, this solution will provide immediate notifications. This tool can use multiple methods for sending notifications. It can deal with both SMS and email platforms for doing so. After getting the notification that Amazon has suppressed any of your listing, you can take immediate steps to solve such issues. That is why, there will be no chance of losing huge sales suddenly.

Full Featured Solution

There are some solutions which required third party tool integration for seller’s accounts. But in case of Listing Eagle, there is no need to take help from third party tools. It can do this task on its own. Another important thing is, this solution supports balk upload of ASINs. If this task is done manually by dealing with one by one, huge time will be required. This product can work with all the selected ASINs at a time. The speed of uploading and accuracy level is too good in the case of this operation. Listing Eagle has customized communication facility. For this reason, it is very easy to communicate with hijackers with customized messages.

Plans and Pricing and Discount of LE

There is nothing to worry about the pricing of Listing Eagle because it is completely reasonable. Three different licenses are available for this product. Hatchling is one of those plans and it is available for only 9.97 USD per month excluding the discount. This one is available only for 1 ASIN/listing monitoring. But your target may be dealing with 10 ASIN/listings and in that case Eaglet Plan is recommended. To access this one, 19.97 USD should be paid per month. Bald Eagle is the most powerful plan of Listing Eagle. This one is offered for only 49.97 USD per month. The main advantage of this license is, it can monitor 50 ASIN/listings. No matter which license is chosen, 24/7 monitoring will be provided to your listings.

So, please get the splendid product with the coupon. Hopefully, the Listing Eagle discount will satisfy you.