LinkFreeze Discount: Exclusive Coupon on SEO Component

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There are some types of contents for which a web page does not get a good rank from the search engines. Dynamic contents are in that category which is not liked by any search engine. If you want to optimize a dynamic content driven website, then LinkFreeze can be very helpful.

A Small Review of LinkFreeze

There are some differences between a static content and a dynamic content on a web page. These differences can easily be identified from the links of those contents. Hence, search engines can identify those from any web page. And if any search engine has found too many dynamic links, it does not give good page rank. But still, it is possible to have a good rank for the pages with dynamic contents. LinkFreeze will help you for doing so. It is an impressive product of HeliconTech. If you liked the LF review, then please purchase the component with our discount coupon. The LinkFreeze coupon is going to be useful. It offers following features and benefits:

Efficient and Easy

If there is a question mark in any link, that link is a dynamic one. This simple thing is the fact in case of every dynamic link. LinkFreeze can easily change this link and instead, it offers another link which looks like a static one. And then, the search engine will not index that as a dynamic one. Your page rank will be increased very quickly. This solution will not modify the contents of any page. It will only change every dynamic link. There can be several other links and applications on your site. Those will work very nicely after the operations of LinkFreeze.

Offers Different Settings

Very easy configuration is another nice feature of this solution. It has come with very friendly graphical user interface along with some text configuration files. You will also be allowed to set the look of each new URL. Sometimes, it can be necessary to hide a real extension. This solution will help to replace those with .htm extension. You don’t have to set a same configuration to all the pages of your website. LinkFreeze is capable of dealing with different pages with different configurations. And it is capable of changing the dynamic links instantly before it is sent by the server to any client.

LinkFreeze Multiple Pricing and Discount

Generally, HeliconTech offers multiple licenses for each of its products. LinkFreeze have two different licenses. Web Site License of this product can be purchased by only 49 USD without the discount. You can use this on only a single website. On the other hand, Server License of this product is also available. This one is suitable to be installed in either physical or virtual computer. Just like the other products of HeliconTech, LinkFreeze is also offered with volume discount facility. Very friendly support service is also offered with both these licenses. This solution is compatible with various editions of the Windows operating system. Before purchasing any of the licenses, you can use its trial version.

Hence, please use our coupon to have the search engine optimization tool. Hopefully, the LinkFreeze discount will satisfy your requirements.