LightCMS Website Builder Reviews : Get an Awesome Pricing

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Millions of users love to use various types of content management systems and some CMS are very popular all over the world and some are not so popular. If you consider the features, facilities, and plans of the LightCMS then you will be able to understand that this CMS offers so many things for managing and customize different web contents very easily. Let’s discuss the reasons why this CMS is so popular to the users all over the world.

LightCMS Review

It can be said undoubtedly the LightCMS can be used for creating various types of websites very easily and even in an easier way than using other popular CMS. To create the e-commerce sites, you have to provide more security and professional looks. LightCMS will help you to create perfect e-commerce sites. LightCMS offers different types of attractive designs which can be used for making the websites more beautiful.

It will provide you the built-in CMS editor, which is for the advanced users who have the knowledge and experiences about the HTML and CSS codes, and this editor will let the users design the websites with their own styles. Different contents are necessary for the websites and you don’t have to rely on other sources to get those contents because the LightCMS offers all the important contents like the galleries, calendars, different types of texts etc.

Features which can Attract You Very Much

When you will create online shops with the help of the LightCMS then you will need the integration of various types of payment methods. The most popular payment gateway PayPal can be integrated with the websites created by this CMS and the other methods can also be integrated very easily. Even the CMS hosting facilities are provided by the LightCMS and that is why additional hosting facilities will not be required. This CMS will let you use all the tools necessary for increasing the number of traffics to the targeted websites.

LightCMS Plans with Main Specifications

All the five available plans of the LightCMS are very friendly for different types of users. The lightest plan of the LightCMS is the Personal Plan which has been offered for use on the personal websites. This plan includes 1 GB storage and it can be used for 100 products and 10 different pages. To use the LightCMS for 1000 products and 25 pages, you can choose the Standard Plan which includes storage of 3GB.

The Premium and Professional Plans of this CMS can be used for 50 and 100 pages respectively and those plans are suitable for 2.5 and 3 thousand products respectively. Those two plans offer respectively 6GB and 12GB storages. The most powerful plan is the Unlimited Plan which is for unlimited space, products, and pages.