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LetReach Discount

A Short Review of LetReach

Drawing attention from audiences is the most important thing for online business and marketing. There are so many impressive ways to do so. One of those is to send push notifications from a particular website. Though it is very much effective way, it can be created and handled very easily. By using an easy tool, you can do so. LetReach is such solution which can be recommended for this field. If offers every feature that you may look for in a push notification solution. Enjoy the exclusive features of LR with the discount coupon. This LetReach coupon will help you to easily purchase the product. Some of those amazing features are:

Some Top Features

As I said earlier, LetReach is very easy to set up and control. By using this solution, you can easily create various customizable opt-ins. Notification management is very important for this kind of product. It will let you set the scheduling for notifications. That means, it will send the notifications automatically according to schedules. Sometimes, you may need to send the push notifications to the visitors of specific regions. To help you about this, LetReach offers the geo targeting facility. The visitor can come from computers and mobile phones. That is why, this product supports both the web and mobile websites. It will let you deal with only target audiences by its filter based targeting system. Another very important feature of this product is it can work with multiple domains. That means, it can save your money.

Letreach Image

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount

Perhaps, LetReach pricing plans are more convincing compared to that of others. Each of the licenses of this product are offered for various numbers of subscribers. Standard License of this product can be enjoyed by 15 USD per month without the discount for targeting 1 thousand subscribers. You can get this for as many subscribers as you want by paying higher price. But this one is for single domain only. For using this product on 5 different domains, you can get the LetReach Pro. If you get this for 5 thousand subscribers, then monthly price will only be 60 USD as per this post writing time. By paying 175 USD per month, you can purchase the Elite License for 7 different domains. This license also supports three different users.

Target Offline Users

LetReach is highly suggested for some additional features. Most of similar solutions can target only the online users. But this one can show notifications on users’ computers and mobile phones, even if they are offline. It will help you to send messages to subscribers depending on their liking and disliking. Another very much essential thing is to measure the impacts of the push messages. LetReach will measure that for each notification. It will send the message just like app notifications. But you don’t have to handle any kind of app for that. This product can make the push notification campaigns more effective than email campaigns.

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