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Lazesoft Windows Recovery Review

The hardware of our computer is only as good as the software installed in it. If the software crashes, then the computer becomes useless. So the user has to be very careful in preserving the system software as it is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the computer. This can be done by installing antiviruses or scanning every external hard drives that are being connected to the computer. Even then, the system might fail. This can be due to deleted system files by malicious virus, malwares, disk partitioning, boot errors, corrupted drives, accidental deletion etc.

This cause the operating system to dysfunction- like the “blue screen of death”, stuck in automatic recovery loop, stuck in windows loading screen, automatically restarting etc. Lazesoft Windows Recovery helps the user to tackle all these problems related to system failure. Please purchase LWR with the coupon offer. The Lazesoft Windows Recovery discount will be really handy.

Functions of the Program

The first thing the user needs to do to be able to make this software run, is to make a bootable version of this software. This is because, if the operating system crashes, there is no way the user can access the computer and run the software from there. So a bootable media is needed, like a CD or a USB drive. Lazesoft Windows Recovery can only operate in the recovery mode that is the boot mode. There are various ways the user can learn how to create a bootable media, but Lazesoft Windows Recovery provides a setup wizard which guides the user step by step to creating a bootable drive. Once created, the bootable media should be connected to the faulty PC.

Then it will enter the boot menu of the Windows and access all the files of the drive the operating system was installed in. The software can retrieve partition information, master boot records, partitions that have been damaged or deleted, registry files that have been missing or corrupted. In addition to that, the program recovers and rebuilds BCD and repairs boot.ini file. BCD (Boot Configuration Data) and boot.ini controls and determines how the operating system is started in our Windows software.

They let the software know when and what operating system to load the PC into. So repairing and retrieving of these files are very important. You can also use the bootable version of this software that you created for future purpose in case the computer crashes down again.

Pricing and Discount on LWR

The Professional Edition of Lazesoft Windows Recovery with Business license costs US$17.95 excluding the discount. The Server Edition with the same license type costs US$79.49. The unlimited Edition costs US$159.69.

Unlike the Data Recovery module of Lazesoft, the Windows Recovery version does not allow the user to see and target what type of files they want recovered. Creating a bootable drive can be a complication for new users. The program does not detect the main drive if the UEFI is enabled in BIOS mode.

As a result, purchase Lazesoft Windows Recovery with the discount offer. For any more inquiries on the Lazesoft Windows Recovery coupon, please feel fry to contact us.