KeyCDN Content Delivery Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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It is fact that the number of content delivery network is high. But all this can be recommended to everybody? The answer is negative. But some of those are really powerful and recommendable. KeyCDN can undoubtedly be placed on the list of reliable CDNs.

Review and Features of KeyCDN

Actually the main task of the content delivery networks is to serve the necessary contents to the users with high performance. These networks have worldwide networks, which are distributed by various datacenters. I have mentioned the main features of the KeyCDN. Hope this list of features will help you to take the decision to purchase this CDN. Here are those features:

Push-Pull Functionality

This content delivery network can be considered as the feature rich product. KeyCDN allows the users to create different zones and to use the CNAMEs. Custom rules can also be created by this. The CORS or the cross origin resource sharing is another nice feature of this product. In the Pull Zone, this product has the cookie striping and canonical headers enabling features.

It also supports the cache query strings. KeyCDN offers various features on Push Zone. It is very much helpful for uploading the desired content on the FTP accounts. No matter what is the size of the files, it will work with those. It can work with the FTP sub-users.

Flexible Pricing Plans

The KeyCDN is not offered with one or two plans. But depending on the region, the rate for per GB is different. For the North America and Europe zone, the pricing is same. For the first 10TB, the rate will be $0.04/GB. But this rate will be minimized for the next usage. You just have to pay $0.036/GB for the next 40TB. Similarly, for the next 100TB, the price will only be 0.032 USD/GB.

If you want to use more or less 2PB, this rate will be minimized to only 0.01 USD/GB. If you are not in the North America or Europe Zone, a flat rate will be offered to you. For other regions, per GB cost is only 0.04 USD as per 18 March 2016.

The Key Advantages

KeyCDN has various types of key advantages. These features are also offered by the other top class CDNs. The performance of this CDN is very much appreciable. It ensures the faster websites. The desired data will be stored all around the globe. The users will get those by losing minimum possible packet. Amazing scalability is also a good feature of this content delivery network. You don’t have to change the infrastructure of your website for using this.

No matter what the number of traffic is, KeyCDN will handle all of those without problems. As it will store your data, so it is very important to consider the security level of this. It actually provides very strong encryption facility which is easily configurable. The data access request will be handled by the nearest datacenter. That is why this content delivery network is highly reliable.