Joomlage Products Review, Get an Awesome Pricing

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With the help of Joomla, it is very easy to generate various types of websites. Various companies are there to sell so many impressive templates. You just have to purchase any suitable template and apply that on your Joomla site. And then you will get your desired type of website ready. Now the question can be which provider you can choose among so many options.

Review of the Joomlage Products

One of the highly recommended providers is the Joomlage. Some amazing products of this company are available for impressive pricing. And just like the other popular companies, it also has some club membership facilities. The products of this company are:


Features of Simplex

The Simplex is one of the best products of the Joomlage. This one can be used for generating top quality business websites. This customizable template supports the slideshow facility. By changing the colors and layout, you can give this template different looks. It is a fully collapsible product which supports 48 different module positions. Module width control is another good feature of this product. It supports both the text and image logos. You can easily set and edit the logos. This Joomlage product will let you choose the font styles and colors.

Bello Fashion Templates

By using a normal quality template, it is not good to generate fashion websites. That is why the Joomlage offers the Bello template which is a fabulous fashion template. This flexible product can be used for various types of projects. Just like the other product mentioned above, this one also supports various colors, fonts, layouts and module positions.

There are some new products of Joomlage. Some of those are the Scene, Escape, Technic, Lectron, and Inspiration, etc. All of these products support Joomla 3X. All these templates are fully responsive. So these can make the Joomla sites perfectly viewable from any kind of devices.

Amazing Pricing Plans

No matter which template of the Joomlage you purchase, the price will be the same. According to the time when this post was written, the cost of each template was EUR 19. Lifetime updates will be provided in the bought product. And that can also be used in unlimited domains. There are three types of club memberships.

One of those is the Access 4 which has the validity of 4 months. For this period, you will be able to access all the templates of this company. The price should be paid for this is EUR 59.99. You can also get all the templates for 8 months by purchasing the Access 8 by EUR 89.99. For use those for one year, the Access 12 membership can be purchased. The price of this one is 129.99 EUR. During the license period of Joomlage club, you can also access the newly released items.