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JExplorer Cash Rebate

Internet Explorer is undoubtedly one of the most popular web browsers of the world. One of the other hand Java is the most popular language for creating apps. You can include the IE into your Java app. To do so, you can take help from the TeamDev JExplorer.

JExplorer Review and Features

TeamDev has achieved a good name by providing some amazing software. Many products of this company are related to Java. Actually, each of those will help you to integrate different things with the Java apps. Among those the JExplorer is one of the best. This product can be used for integrating the Internet Explorer into any kind of Java App. Large number of people are using this fabulous software. Besides, the coupon and discount being provided here made it easier for you to purchase the product my making it reasonable. No additional coupon code is required here to get the offer. Let’s see some of the main features of it.

Basic Features of It

At a first look this software will attract you with its fabulous Application Program Interface (API). No matter what is the kind of the product, the API of that should be very rich. In the case of the JExplorer, that is very much rich. But that does not mean you will face problems to handle that. The API of this product is very easy to use to be fact. Even you don’t have to have the knowledge of COM or the API of the Internet Explorer. Complete Documentation is another huge advantage of this product. Various added examples will help you to do your tasks. The important thing is, the library of it can be integrated to the desired browser with ease. You don’t have to deal with the browser settings for the integration. The support team of TeamDev is very much friendly. They will come back to you with answers within 1 day of asking.

JExplorer Coupon

All the Advantages

This product will give you some powers you may look for. Suppose you want to access the document object model of any web page. You can do so with the help of the JExplorer. Execution of JavaScript Code can be done by using this software. The standard menus may not be enough for all the apps. So you can add custom menus to those. The cookies can be of persistent or session type. Both those types of cookies can be managed finely by the JExplorer.

Pricing and Coupon of the Licenses

According to this post writing time, the price of the JExplorer is $879 Per Developer. If your company has number of developers, you have to get licenses for each. You can also get this software of TeamDev for individual projects. The Per Project license of it can be bought by $2,499 only with the coupon.  The Unlimited Package is available for 8,199 USD. This one will allow an unlimited number of users to use the same product. With the Per Developer plan of the TeamDev JExplorer, you can get the Source Code license. For that you have to pay additionally $7,999.

If you are interested in having this product, then get it from our site with the JExplorer coupon. This promo gives you a good opportunity to enjoy the features of this product at a cheaper rate.