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Jet Profiler for MySQL Professional Edition

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Jet Profiler Discount

Highlights of the Jet Profiler for MySQL

You may need for profiling the MySQL queries for many purposes. You can do such thing very easily with the help of necessary software or tool. The tool has the excellence to profile such queries. Free and premium editions of this product are available. You can use the free version as trial but that will not provide you the best features. So you have to choose any of the two premium editions of the Jet Profiler for MySQL. We have highlighted the features and prices of both the Professional and Enterprise editions, so that you can compare between them.

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Professional Edition of This Product

To use this tool, you don’t have to make any change in the database server. No matter which version of MySQL you want to work with, Jet Profiler will work perfectly with that. Sometimes it is seen that some tool needs additional services are needed for running that tool. But for the Jet Profiler, you don’t have to use any type of additional services. You will not face difficulties while using this with the servers for recording. After starting up this product, you just have to connect it with the desired server and then by clicking the record option, you will be able to record the necessary queries very easily. To generate the result, the tool needs very little time. In most of cases, it will provide you the results in minutes.

One of the great features of this product is it is a cross operating system tool. It can be used in those computers where any of the OS among Windows, Mac or Linux is installed. The performance hit is not desired for this type of tools. That is why it uses its own programs for the profiling and never use the database server. After collecting the data, it is very important to visualize those in different manners. The Jet Profiler for MySQL can be used for presenting the data in various types of charts and graphs. So it will help you to detect the problems in your database and solve those very easily. The Price of the Professional edition without coupon is only $499 as of 2016.

Advantages of the Enterprise Edition

If you purchase the Enterprise edition of Jet Profiler then it will provide you all the features of the Professional editions and also some added important features. Multiple instances can be considered as the best feature of the Enterprise edition. You can collect the data from various databases at the same time for this feature. It has the automatic recording capability. That means, by following the schedule, it can collect the data automatically from the selected databases. According to 2016, without the coupon, the price of the Jet Profiler Enterprise edition is only $799. But when applying the Jet Profiler discount, it would be 15% cheaper price.