IXwebhosting Solution Service Review : Get Amazing Pricing

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Necessity of providing the hosting facilities to the websites is very high and that is why you have to rely on any hosting providing companies. Then why not you choose the IXwebhosting Company as the hosting provider of your websites? This company offers such facilities with so many important features. Pricing plans of each of the types of hosting facilities offered by IXhosting are very attractive too. So you can choose this company as the provider of hosting solutions for your personal and business websites.


Rely on IXwebhosting as the Hosting Provider

To take control over the dedicated server fully, you can choose this facility of the IXhosting Company.
The allowed dedicated server will show very impressive performance all the time and you will face no problem to manage that. You may need to install various types of things to such server like the websites and apps.

Cloud dedicated server of the IXhosting Company is very much suitable for working with those installed things. If you buy the Professional Cloud Plan based on Windows then you have to pay 129.99 USD for each month and for the Linux OS, you have to pay 99.99 USD per month for that plan. Both of these plans include 300GB bandwidth and 20GB storage.

Similarly the Windows and Linux based Business Plans can be purchased by monthly prices of 194.99 USD and 174.99 USD respectively. These plans offer 900GB bandwidth and 60GB storage. To get 1500GB data transfer with 150GB storage you can choose any of the Corporate Plan based on Windows and Linux of IXhosting by 269.99 USD and 249.99 USD monthly price.

Various VPS Facilities

Do you need to own an individual server, which can be controlled by the operating system of your choosing? Then the virtual private servers of the IXhosting can be recommended to you. You can treat the private servers of this company as your personal dedicated server.

Based on Linux platform two packages of VPS have been offered by IXhosting Company and those packages are the X4 Linux, which includes 4 CPU cores with 50GB storage and the X8 Linux which offers 8 CPU cores with 100GB storage. The monthly prices of these plans are only $54.95 and $89.95 as of 6 November 2014. Similarly, based on the Windows platform, VPS of IXhosting is available with two plans such as X4 Windows and X8 Windows. Prices of these packs are $69.95 and $104.95 per month.

Other Solutions of This Company

From providing complete web hosting facilities for your personal and business websites, you can choose any of the Web Hosting plans offered by IXhosting Company. For each of the Linux and Windows Hosting, this company provides 3 different packages. Each of those packs provides unlimited disk space, data transfer and hosted domains but the main difference is each of the packs includes different numbers of dedicated IPs.