ITX Design Hosting Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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Do you need web hosting or other types of hosting facilities? Just go to Google and search the companies which offer these facilities. You can choose any one of those because they are saying about so many features. But the difficult question is are they reliable? The answer is yes, but some of them. For an example, I can say about ITX Design.

ITX Design Hosting

Review of the ITX Design

From ITX Design you can get shared, dedicated and other types of hosting. And for each of those types of hosting there are various plans offered by this company. For those flexible plans and powerful features, the products of this company are very popular. Here are some of the main products or services of this company:

VPS Hosting Plans

When you will choose any hosting provider company, it is better to choose an experienced one. ITX Design has been providing web hosting facilities for more than ten years. So they are very experienced, of course. We know that there are various types of web hosting facilities.

One of those is the VPS hosting which is offered by this company. These are completely cloud based. Some of the customers like the shared servers and some like the dedicated server. It is said that the VPS hosting is the connector of both of those. That is why it can show better performance. VPS Lite is one of the available plans and it contains 50GB disk storage with 500GB bandwidth. Two larger plans are there offered by ITX Design also.

Powerful WordPress Hosting

One of the finest services of the ITX Design is the WordPress Hosting. As the popularity of WordPress is very high, they offer this special type of hosting for the WordPress users. Very easy installer has been included in this. So you will be able to set up WordPress in quickest possible time.

Various free services like theme installation, plugin installation and others are provided by this company. So creating the WordPress blog will be very easy for you. ITX Design will also help you for updating the website very easily.

Some other products are also offered by this company. Those are the Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting and FFmpeg hosting.

Pricing of the Products

There are several pricing for each of the hosting facilities. The VPS Lite is the smallest plan of the VPS Hosting. To purchase this, you have to pay only 49.95 USD as per this post writing time. The larger plans are the VPS Basic and VPS Premium. Price of these are respectively 79.95 USD and 99.95 USD.

Similarly, WordPress Hosting of this company is also very much cheap considering the price. The price of this service has started for only 4.95 per month. No hidden fees or set up charges will be added to this price. ITX Design will not charge you much if you get other hosting services of this company.