Backup Buddy Coupon & Discount from iThemes 2014

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25% discount on iThemes Backup Buddy plugin. Copy the above exclusive Backup Buddy coupon, go to iThemes store and select the required license. Then register for a new account and on the next page before final checkout, apply it in the specific field to avail the 25% price off.

iThemes Backup Buddy Coupon

iThemes Backup Buddy Overview and Coupon

Among all the companies, which provide the themes and plugins for the WordPress sites, iThemes is a very popular name. You will be able to find and purchase different types of responsive and non-responsive themes as well as very useful plugins from this company. Undoubtedly the Backup Buddy is one of the best products of the iThemes. This plugin will help you to create backups of the contents of WordPress sites, move and restore those backups to any site very easily.

Backup Buddy discount above will give the reduction of 25% on the plugin license. The coupon code needs to be applied during checkout to have the same.

Why This Product can be Chosen

Suitable packages are available for Backup Buddy. Depending on the packages you will be able to buy this product for two sites or ten sites or unlimited sites. The contents of your websites can be damaged due to several reasons. Most of the cases it is seen that the site owners do not use the backup system and that is why they need to create or repair the damaged contents again. So you can use the Backup Buddy which is an efficient backup solution. Backup Buddy offers and uses the stash storage for storing the backups of your sites. It also offers the offline storage. The schedule backup system has made this plugin very effective. It can create back up the other plugins and themes of your websites.

This plugin will also help you to restore all the backups to the targeted websites. You just have to follow some easy steps to restore the backups directly to the websites. It will let you restore all the backups at a time or you can also restore chosen backups by using your WordPress dashboard. It will be very helpful if you change the contents and templates on your website and need to get back to the past fashion again.

More Function

Another great function of this plugin is to move to website contents to other websites. For many reasons, you may need to create different websites with similar design and contents of one website. This task can be done manually but it will need much time. In this case, Backup Buddy can be used which will let you move everything of one site to another. Even it can also replace the URLs perfectly. Keeping the serialized data is very important and most of the other plugins cannot maintain this properly. But the Backup Buddy can keep all the serialized data beautifully.

How to Avail the Backup Buddy Coupon

In order to avail the special price, need to copy above code. After selecting the required license, sign up for a new account and on the next screen, there will be a field to provide the coupon code. Just need to apply it there and update the cart.

Some company provides very attractive premium themes for the WordPress and some companies provide useful plugins. Unlike those companies, the iThemes Company provides WordPress themes as well as plugins. So you don’t have to purchase themes and plugins from different companies anymore. Each of the products of this company is very unique but useful. For numerous attractive products, iThemes has become very popular all over the world.

Backup Buddy coupon is still active and applicable for any license. This include Backup Buddy Gold license as well. The discount will enable 25% off price on the product.