iSCSI Cake Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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This is iSCSI target based server software for the windows platform. It is supportive for sharing the server’s disk, VMDK file, partitioning system, clustering process. Then, iSCSI Cake also provides the enterprise based storage virtualization system. Through this solution, the client will be able to access into the remote iSCSI storage section as a local disk and this is supportive almost for all the disk operations like formatting, partitioning, writing and reading. Then, it provides the copy-on-write activity for handling the writing request from the client. This process means that the client will be able to delete, read, write or repartition the iSCSI disk while managing no changes of the bytes in the storage section of the server.


iSCSI Cake Review

iSCSI Cake assures the network administrator system with the flexible maintenance process and up-gradation system. You won’t need to install this software on each client PC separately.With the presence of iSCSI Cake, you won’t need to worry about the shared data under the server section as all of the data will be recovered here after the disconnect process from the client side.

The sequential terms of this program

iSCSI Cake is supportive for multiple disks and the ramdisk. It can easily support Windows-based 2008 cluster. The ISO supporting issue is available here. This means that the server can share the ISO drive under the client section. Almost 2 TB disk can be supported through this solution. Here, you will observe the cache algorithm with a new format and this means that you won’t ask to restart the services after making the modification of cache setting option.

Supportive facilities on this

iSCSI Cake is supportive for iSCCI initiators under Linux, Windows, and Solaris. Almost in all the versions of Windows, it can run its activity. The storage system can be shared among the cluster nodes. Here, due to the 64-bit addressing system, the limitation of using 2TB will be removed. To export the VMWare and VMDK disk, it offers a supportive tool. It can easily simulate the virtual-based CDROM drive system. Under the protection method of the firewall, it also assures the needed services. It maintains the highest IO efficiency and this process is managed from the per client case. Here, you will observe the term to use the windows based UI under each PC for controlling the iSCSI server section. Then, the protection system is also managed here with the best supportive tool. The server-based data is protected here from the access of unauthorized client.

Pricing issue of iSCCI Cake

To purchase this product, you will need to pay only $199. Under this license, you can connect unlimited clients. Here, the server section is maintained through Windows platform and the client OS is managed from Linux or Windows section.