Iolo Technologies Software Review : Get an Exclusive Pricing

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One of the best software companies for multiple types of products is the Iolo Technologies. You can get the programs for making your computer faster and protected from this company. It also provides such software which can be used for recovering the data. Though every product of this brand are not equally popular. You can rely on them without confusion. Let’s discuss some of the main products of this well-known brand. The prices of the products here are mentioned as par 10 December 2014.

Exclusive Products of Iolo Technologies

This is a very strong protection software of this company. You can use this desktop software for making your computer virus free. The malware detection capability of this product is the highest. Its antivirus tool will not only block the viruses, but also each of the dangerous programs. Iolo has introduced the HyperScan Technology has in this software. That is why its real time protection system is so much advanced.

Keyloggers programs very much dangerous threat nowadays. These treats can get the information which you type from your PC keyboard. System Shield can work against these threats very strongly. This protection software also has the sentient technology. For this program the malicious programs will not be able to stay on your computer by any means. The price of this necessary software is only $29.95.

System Mechanic Pro

One of the most popular tools of Iolo is the System Mechanic Pro. First of all, this product has the built in System Shield tool. The features of this tool have been mentioned in the above paragraph. And mainly this product is a system booster software. Stability Guard of it will make your operating system fast and keep that fast all the time. To maintain your computer very easily, you can rely on the ActiveCare program of this product.

This software also has the AcceleWrite tool which has the capability enhance the file writing speed. Its PC Cleanup tool will detect and remove those files which are not necessary for you. For the EnergyBooster tool of this product, your PC performance will be enhanced very nicely. It also has the memory mechanisms and the startup optimizer tools. You can buy with by only $59.95.

Other Necessary Products

Iolo also offers two more stunning products. One of those is the Search and Recover. The price of this product is only $29.95. It will let you find out those files which have been deleted from your PC. After finding those, it will let you restore those very easily. The opposite type of product is the DriveScrubber. It will let you remove the files from your computer hardware permanently. So before selling your device to others, you can remove your personal data for good using this product. Iolo offers this stunning product only at price $19.95.