InviteReferrals Review: Get Exclusive Pricing for the Product

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Referral marketing is one of the smartest attempts you can take for increasing your sales. Many people still do not know this. It is the process where you will offer your customer to something special if they refer your product.

InviteReferrals Review

Suppose you sell mobile phones and one customer has purchased a product from your store. You can offer him to refer his friend to purchase one more product from that store. And if his friend purchase that, you will give the first customer special discount for the next product he purchases. This is the referral marketing which can be done using the internet. For doing so, the InviteRefferals may be the best choice. Some features of this are:

Automatic & Custom Programs

The InviteReferrals is a very impressive tool which will let you run two main types of programs. You can easily set the rule for referring and the special offers for the referrers. In that case, all the participants will get the same offer. On the other hand, you may need to create custom coupons in some cases. So it will be easier for you to offers any special offer to specific participants only. As an example, it will let you send a special code to the customers. If anyone purchases the goods with that code, the referrers will be rewarded automatically. InviteReferrals always provide exclusive support to the customers.

Very Powerful Analytics

One of the most important things for referral marketing is to get the program analytics. For all the invites, the referral channels must be recorded. Which referrers are most successful that can also be monitored by the built-in tool of InviteReferrals. You can check the report every day or once in a week. The whole campaign can be customized by this software very easily. You will get the mobile app also for it. So the campaign can be monitored easily from the mobile. InviteReferrals supports multiple events at the same time. For each of the events, you can set different rewards.

InviteReferrals Pricing of This Product

Free Trial version of InviteReferrals is usable for 15 days and it can include 100 participants only. Cost of the Basic plan of this product is 59 USD. This plan is usable for 500 participants monthly. The standard version is monthly obliged for 2000 users and costs 149 USD. Price of Growth plan is USD 499 because of it is for 7500 participants within a month. There is another custom plan named Enterprise which is for a higher range of participants than others. According to 24 November 2015, another version of InviteReferrals is available as Special Plan. This version can include 5 thousand users and usable for six months. Price of Special Plan is 499 USD only. A basic plan is able to work with 5 campaigns. The standard version is for 15 campaigns, Growth for 40 and Special Plan is for 20 campaigns.