Investintech PDF Solution Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Many software companies provide several types of PDF tools. And most of those companies offer separate tools for editing, creating and converting the PDF files. If you need to deal with plenty of PDF documents each day, you will need these tools. But it is better to have a professional tool which has all those capabilities.


Review of the Investintech

Investintech offers such tool which will help you to convert, create and edit such documents. So you don’t have to purchase separate tools by spending much of your money. Here are the features of different editions of the product:

Able2Extract PDF Converter

With so many powerful conversion options, the Able2Extract PDF Converter is offered by Investintech. While converting any kind of PDF files, this product can preserve all the contents of that file. And it can convert the document into several other useful formats.

For the powerful technology, this product can deal with large number of PDFs at the same time. You can easily convert the targeted files into MS Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher. Even creating the CSV and AutoCAD files will be very easily with the help of this software of Investintech. Creating printable Excel files are one of the best features of this product.

Able2Extract has a very efficient PDF recognition capability. You don’t have to convert the entire page all the times. It will allow you to select the necessary contents only and then the selected portion will be converted. Some tools are there which cannot convert the fonts and images finely. But this product can do that perfectly.

The Professional Edition

Investintech also offers the Professional Edition of the Able2Extract PDF Converter. Actually, this edition has all the features of the Standard Edition that is described above. Additionally, this software also has the advanced OCR capabilities. The previous one can convert only the original PDF files.

But this one can also convert the scanned files. Very latest version of optical character recognition engine has been added into this. That is why, this product can very easily convert the texts and images of the scanned PDFs. Increased working speed is also another huge advantage of this software.

Investintech also has some other products. For wide range PDF creation for the enterprises, you can choose the Sonic PDF Server. Able2Extract also has the server edition.

Reasonable Pricing Options

The pricing of the products of Investintech is really one the main attractions. You can purchase the Able2Extract for 30 days or for a lifetime. The 30 days subscription of this Standard Edition is available only for 34.95 USD according to this post creating time. And you can get the Full License of it by paying 99.95 USD once. Similarly, the Professional Edition of Able2Extract has been available for 34.95 for 30 days. You have to spend 129.95 USD for getting the Full License of this edition. For the other products of Investintech, you don’t have to spend much.