InterServer Coupon 2015, Shared VPS Hosting Discount

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InterServer Coupon

InterServer Hosting Reviews and Features

Though a large number of hosting providing companies are there, the InterServer Company has been chosen by so many website owners all over the world. Not only the general types of servers or hosting facilities but also the special type of quick servers are offered by the InterServer Company. That is why you can choose this company as the reliable hosting facilities provider for any type of websites. Our discussion here is about the features and prices of the main facilities provided by this famous company.

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Reseller Hosting Solutions

It can be seen at the reseller hosting solutions of so many other companies that lower quality servers are used for that. But in the case of such hosting of the InterServer, very fast and efficient MySQL server has been used. That means as a reseller, you will be able to satisfy your customers with this server. Instant setup is one of the big advantages of the products of this company. The web based management system has made it very much friendly and powerful. You can use that management system to control the customer accounts and manage the storage and bandwidth distribution very easily. For the reseller hosting service, data backup is very important. Impressive daily data backup system has been applied to the InterServer Reseller Hosting. In this facility, five different plans have been provided. One of those plans is the RS Three which includes 160GB storage and huge monthly data transfer size of 1000GB. The monthly cost of this solution is only $39.95.

Dedicated Servers Pricing and Coupon

For the perfect IT solution, you can choose the dedicated servers of the InterServer Company. The configuration system of this company is very easy and you will feel more flexible while using this kind of server. You can use your chosen application to your server which will not be allowed for the other customers. Like the other products of the InterServer, the dedicated servers are available with different packages. The lightest package can be bought by only $59 without any coupon code and it includes 1GB RAM with 250GB hard disk.

Quick Servers of This Company

One of the biggest offers of this company is the quickest servers and you can buy such server if you need to get ready server in the quickest time. After making the order, InterServer will provide you the quick server ready within only 20 minutes. You may think about this type of server will not perform as the dedicated servers, but to be the fact it actually works as dedicated server. You don’t have to setup and manage the hardware of this server manually because the InterServer will manage the hardware very efficiently. Anytime you can stop the quick server and anytime that can be started again. No need to go with longer contract to use this server.

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