Intermedia Pricing, Avail Review for the Hosting Solution and Others

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Different types of hosting facilities are the main products of the Intermedia. But this company also offers some amazing services which can add to the main products.

A Short Review on the Intermedia

You can rely on each of the services of this company. And the pricing of those products and services are very impressive too. As this company offers so many products, I have only mentioned a few of those. Let’s have a look at those at a glance:


Impressive Web Hosting

Just like the other hosting providing companies, Intermedia also offers the web hosting facility. And this service is very impressive because it has so many powerful features. All the latest technologies have been used for making the service such powerful. For example, remote manager and multiple application pools are used here. Similarly very strong infrastructure has also been used. For the multi-core servers and efficient datacenters are used for offering this web hosting service. Intermedia ensures highest uptime for all the servers. Each of the web hosting plans includes unlimited email forwarding and instant setup facilities.

Hosted Exchange Service

Another very impressive service offered by Intermedia is the hosted exchange. This is a very efficient email hosting services. This cloud based MS Exchange solution offers unlimited email storage. And it also has the 99.99% uptime guarantee for which you can rely on this without any hesitation. There is nothing to worry about the number of emails because this service has come with unlimited storage. So you can deal with as many emails as you want. And as you will exchange the business emails, security of those will be very important. This company offers enterprise standard privacy on the emails. And for any problem, you will get help from the service center, which will be online 24/7.

Features of SecuriSync

If you are looking for real time cloud backup service, then the SecuriSync of Intermedia can be recommended. It offers very powerful backup for the PCs and Macs. It is actually not only the backup service, but also the synchronization service. SecuriSync can access and share the files from any kind of desktop and mobile devices. And sometimes, you can also edit the files before sharing. For the simple interface and admin controls, you will love to work with this solution. Very strong encryption programs will make the file editing and sharing completely safe. SecuriSync can easily be integrated with the other services of this company.

Pricing of the Products

Four different plans are available for the web hosting of Intermedia. One of those is the Basic plan which can be enjoyed by only 15.95 USD/month in the monthly billing system. For the web server, it includes 10 GB storage and for the mail server, it offers 2 GB storage. The Hosted Exchange of this company has come with an even more attractive price. For enjoying this yearly basis, price for you will be only 9.99 USD/month as of this post writing time. Similarly, Intermedia also offers the SecuriSync for reasonable pricing. You can use this with web hosting, Hosted Exchange and other products o