Intego Coupon Code, Get 30% Discount Code for 2016

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Intego Coupon Code

Products of Intego and Coupon

Intego has become a popular software company by providing various types of protection tools for the Macs. This company also provides the parental control tools and the software to enhance the performance of the Macs. So if you are the Mac user then you can rely on the products of this company without worries. Each of the products of this company is full of features and available with various licenses. Moreover, the Intego discount code is awesome to have 30% discount on the price. Get the coupon codes when purchasing any of the tool. Some products of Intego are:

Mac Internet Security X8

It is very popular product of the Intego brand and though this product has been created for protecting the Macs, you can also use this for protecting the Windows computers. Normally the Mac computers are more secure than the PC, but when you will connect that device to the internet that will not be equally secured. Intego Mac Internet Security X8 has the VirusBarrier X8 program which will make your device very much protected from all types of viruses and threats. NetBarrier X8 is another essential built-in tool of this product because it can protect your personal identities for you and the IP addresses of your computer when you will use the internet for that. The price of this product is $39.99, as of 25 August 2014, and if you buy this with this price, then you will be able to use it in one device for one year. There is also Intego Mac Internet Security coupon code available. It has also some other types of licenses.

Intego Family Protector Software

This is actually the parental control software provided by the Intego and it has so many essential features. Various types of internet contents are available which are not appropriate for the children at all. With the help of the Intego Family Protector, you will be able to protect your children from those contents. It can be used perfectly to set the time limit for the internet connection. For each family member, you can provide different setting. The internet monitoring program of this product is also very advanced so that you will be able to watch what your children do while surfing the internet. If you want to use this on one computer for one year, then you have to buy it by $39.99 (as of 25 August 2014). It can also be bought for multiple years and for multiple computers.

Mac Washing Machine

For the betterment of the performance of your Mac, you can consider this product of the Intego brand. It can act as the cleaner software on the Macs. So many unimportant files and data can be stored in your device hard disk. The Mac Washing Machine can be used for removing those files to maximize the free space and to enhance the performance. Quickly accessible folders can be created with the help of this product. It will help you to organize your desktop very easily with your own styles. You can buy the Mac Washing Machine to use it on one computer with price $29.99 and in 3 different computers with price $49.99 (as per 25 August 2014).

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