Instant Proxies Services Review : Get an Awesome Pricing

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The proxy services are offered by so many companies. Most of those companies, cannot get success because of several reasons. One of those reasons is, some of those companies cannot provide reliable services. And the other main reason is, the price of reliable services is very high. That means, ordinary and even some of the strong proxy services cannot get popularity.

Instant Proxies

Features and Review of Instant Proxies

Considering these problems, Instant Proxies can be considered as completely successful. This reliable proxy service provider has set completely reasonable pricing plans too. That is why, you can easily deal with them. The main features and facilities of this company are:

Completely Private Proxies

The Instant Proxies provide completely private proxies. Many companies say that their servers are completely private. But actually those are not. But in case of this company, there will not be such a problem. With the help of such services, you will be able to anonymously browse the internet. No matter which browser you use, anonymous web surfing will be possible without problem. There are some proxies which does not that much useful for posting high volume contents. But the Instant Proxies will not let you face this problem.

You can post the high volume contents with the help of automation tools which are supported be the proxy. Web crawling is another important feature of this service. Though many of the web crawling systems are not supported by search engine, but this one is completely white hat.

Flexible Pricing Plans

There are plenty of plans offered by the Instant Proxies. Those plans actually depend on the number of proxies. If you think only 10 proxies are enough for you, then the IP-10 plan is recommended. According to 15 August 2016, the price of this one is only $10/month. The IP-25 has come with 25 different proxies and it also offers 6 subnets facility. To enjoy this one, you just have to pay 25 USD monthly.

Similarly, some larger plans are also there. The Largest one is the IP-500 plan which can be purchased by only $500 per month. So it can be seen that, you just have to pay only 1 USD for each of the proxies offered by Instant Proxies. Number of cities and subnets are also different in each of the plans.

More Important Features

No matter which plan of Instant Proxies you choose, there will be some common features. You will get very powerful but intuitive control panel. From there, you can control each and every service related to your assigned proxy. Just after purchasing any plan, you will get your proxies ready for use.

The most important thing in my consideration is the unlimited bandwidth. That is why there will not be any limitation by posting large contents. Instant Proxies offers very impressive customer support via email and live chat.