InstallAware Review, Avail Pricing for Windows Installer

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You can be happy with the default Windows Installer for many installation tasks. But for different projects, that will not work efficiently. So in such cases you can choose an external tool like the InstallAware.

Overview of the InstallAware

It has several editions and each of those have some common and some unique features. In this short review, I have tried to highlight the main points of some popular versions of this product. Let’s have a look at those.


Express Edition Features

This is a very effective installer which can complete the task very quickly. The project templates will help you to for setting your project up perfectly. The easy user interface of InstallAware Express edition will minimize your miseries. This product has the native code engine. In the ranking, this one can be placed ahead of the Windows Installer. There are different reasons for this. First of all the second one can be stopped or stacked while during the task. That is why corrupted installation can be happened.

But this amazing product has Instant Install technology. That is why it shows speedy and efficient performance all the time.  The DRM of this tool is very much effective for protecting the source codes of the application. Considerable thing is, it can deal with both the 32bit and 64 bit applications. InstallAware Express Edition will let you use the preinstalled packages in your projects. According to 12 May 2015, price of this edition is only $499.

The Developer Edition

One of the most popular versions of InstallAware is this one. With all those features of the Express version, it offers some more. Built in App-V builder is undoubtedly the best offer of this product. This tool is very much effective for packaging not only the 32bit applications, but also those of 64bit. For monitoring different files and services related to the applications, it also has the App-V viewer. This tool offers multiple way of integration. MSI Code scripting is also a useful benefit of this product.

Studio Version Advantages

This is an advanced edition of the InstallAware and to purchase this, you have to pay total $1,999. Practically it has all the features of the Developer version. But some additional benefits have made this more powerful. For example, it has the capability to work with the Windows 10. It has no problem to deal with the virtual machines. That means if the OS runs to any VM instead of physical one, the Studio edition can manage that also. Aero-wizard is one of the best features of this product. Glass surfaces will be made on each and every installation wizard with this built in tool. For this reason, the setup will be shown very light for a longer time. Innovative dialogue designer can also be considered a nice feature of this edition of InstallAware.